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“I truly believe Cheryl Janis is the missing link in our industry.” —Lori Crete, The Beauty Biz Show

Hello! Welcome to the NEW world of health design–where the client/patient experience is paramount to your financial vitality.

My name is Cheryl Janis and I teach healthcare and wellness professionals how to transform their businesses into nurturing and safe spaces that increase revenue.

66.7% Revenue Increase and Growing

My new design of In-Symmetry Wellness Spa in San Francisco addressed owner dissatisfaction of a cluttered, disjointed feeling in the space, clientele feeling crowded and cramped, and the need for a higher professional aesthetic.

Without expanding the footprint, my new design opened up the space, allowing for more comfortable seating and an intensified feeling of spaciousness. Clients and staff have expressed their overwhelming love of the new space.

Revenue has increased by 66.7% during the slow summer vacation season and growth continues.


Our perspective on the business has become more confident and we are seeing an immediate increase in revenue.

The new design has helped us level up in every way. Clients respect us more while visibly feeling more relaxed and cared for. Staff morale and job satisfaction have gone way up. Practitioners tell me they feel proud to work here.

The best part is the greater confidence my business partner and I feel about expanding to a second location, which will happen in mid 2017.

Candace Combs

Owner | In-Symmetry Wellness Spa | San Francisco, CA

Every Detail Considered

My design for a new Naturopathic Physician’s practice takes into account every detail of the patient’s emotional and physical experience.

The healing space boasts tall ceilings and well-defined areas for physician/patient intake, exam/treatment zone, storage, and specialty tea offerings.


… Cheryl understands the dynamics of a healing space

My goal was to establish a calming aesthetic with a practical workflow. Cheryl helped me reach that goal when she redesigned the space. Now, the feel & flow of my office make it so easy to spend time in. I’m a busy practitioner and I love being here!

Michelle Winchell, ND | LAc

Naturopathic Doctor | Earth Friendly Medicine

At Last, Stability!

This industrial space saw seven businesses come and go over a two-year period before my clients hired me to help them with the design of their new acupuncture clinic and Chinese herb pharmacy.

The business has been thriving in this location for three years and growth continues.


… We have a thriving business, and people comment daily on how beautiful the space is

Hiring Cheryl was some of the best money ever spent. I know our business would not have taken off nearly as quickly without the design element she helped us put in place. Everything about the space makes you want to be there, and it’s great for business.

Alison Loercher, LAc

Acupuncturist & Co-founder | The Vital Compass


In 5 days you’ll learn how intelligent paint colors can instantly transform your health or wellness business into a nurturing and safe space, while increasing your professional aesthetic and your bottom line.

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