Dear Holistic Health Practitioner,

Hello. My name is Cheryl Janis and I help you unlock the healing power of your space with a potent dose of holistic interior design.

I use an integrative approach to design, drawing on both the Western tools of interior design, sustainable materials, color and design psychology and the eastern tools of non-traditional Feng Shui.

This powerful recipe creates spaces that feel more nurturing, aesthetically pleasing and charged with positive energy.

In my experience (and that of some really smart scientists and researchers), this facilitates healing on even deeper levels, at an accelerated pace.

During my 12 years of doing this work, I’ve seen how this alchemy creates a love affair between you, your clients, your space and your work.

The results? Your clients fall in love with your practice and they spread the love out in the world.

And like a domino effect, your referrals increase, confidence grows, and so does your business. See what other practitioners I’ve helped have to say about working with me.

If you’re the visual type, you’ll enjoy my portfolio to see examples of other holistic health spaces I’ve worked on.

If you’re a single practitioner, you’ll be interested in learning more about how I can help you redesign your practice.

And if you are running a multi-person practice, you’ll appreciate getting the details about working with me to redesign your clinic, center or spa.

Thank you for visiting! And please…. say hello any time.

With Appreciation,

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