I’m Cheryl Janis and I design boutique healing spaces that turn first time visitors into patients for life.


Welcome to the NEW world of healthcare design–where the patient/client experience is vital to your success.

Every Detail Considered

My design for a new Naturopathic Physician’s practice takes into account every detail of the patient’s emotional and physical experience. The healing space boasts tall ceilings and well-defined areas for practitioner/patient intake, exam/treatment zone, storage, and specialty tea offerings.

At Last, Stability!

This industrial space saw 7 businesses come and go over a 2-yr period before my clients hired me to help them with the design of their new acupuncture clinic and Chinese herb pharmacy. The business has been thriving in this location for 2.5 years now and growth continues.

A Calming Staff Retreat

The upstairs loft expansion of my client’s successful Veterinary practice included the build-out of her new office. Soothing lavender walls represent the higher chakras–symbolic of her leadership qualities–and add a calming element to her very busy days. The desk is in the power position–diagonal to the door and in full view of the room–and symbolically says, “I’m open to the world and the world is open to me.”


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