Complimentary Wellness Design Diagnostic

There are six critical transition points in the life of your wellness business space, clinic, or facility where a new design will produce outsized results:

  1. Expanding services and/or raising rates
  2. Updating an outdated design to a higher professional aesthetic
  3. Moving to a new location or renovating an existing space
  4. Buying or selling an existing business or practice
  5. Opening a new or second location
  6. A strong desire to implement holistic and evidence-based design principles to reduce stress and increase comfort

A 30-minute wellness design diagnostic session will help you plan for this transition by empowering you with:

  • A deeper understanding of how your current design is contributing to substandard professionalism, low client/patient retention rates, and why your space might feel unwelcoming and/or unsafe.
  • A rough idea of the investment required to create a people-centered space.
  • Options for next steps.

We’ll have to move fast, of course, to get through all this in 30 minutes but don’t worry, I’ll keep us on track. To receive your meeting agenda and scheduling instructions, enter your email address and click the button below: