Selecting a new paint color for the walls of your healthcare office, treatment or waiting room can be overwhelming. This book makes it easy and fun to select melt in your mouth good wall colors you, your patients and staff will LOVE!

The Color Cure is amazing. The depth of knowledge Cheryl has and how she easily presents it to create beautiful spaces is truly magical.

Dr. Payal Bhandari MD | San Francisco Advanced Health

Before a patient or client arrives at your front desk their brain is already forming a judgement about you, your staff and your space. In fact, psychology tells us that people form a first impression within the first 15 seconds of meeting someone new or walking into a new environment.

Before your patient’s first dental treatment, therapeutic touch, acupuncture needle, or conversation with you, they receive a message from your healthcare environment.

The colors on the walls throughout your healing space answer these questions:

#1. Am I safe here?

#2. Do these people care about me and my well-being?

#3. Will this treatment be painful or peaceful?

We were under super tight deadlines to pick paint, carpet and base boards for our new acupuncture clinic buildout. The Color Cure was an immense help in breaking down how different colors affect people on an emotional level. It really helped us narrow down the paint choices to a manageable color palette.

Susan Ko MS, LAc | In Balance Acupuncture | Pleasanton

Selecting a new paint color for the walls of your medical, healthcare or wellness environment can be downright overwhelming.

With all the choices out there, choosing the right shade can seem like a daunting task.

You’re not alone.

If you don’t have a friend or significant other who understands how to put together a healing color palette specific to your needs (and those of your patients and team), you’re likely to get stuck just like everybody else does.

And if you don’t carefully consider the best color selections, you could end up spending thousands of dollars later trying to fix the problem with labor and paint costs and time spent while you close down your business to make the repairs.

I LOVED The Color Cure! I stayed up late one night and devoured the whole book in one sitting instead of going to bed at a sensible time. It was wonderful to be able to just buy paint and skip that multiple sample nonsense that goes with painting a room a new color.

Lilah Wallach, Certified Rolfer | Rolfing Portland

I wrote The Color Cure book to help you banish the stress and overwhelm that comes with having to select the perfect paint colors for your healthcare office and instead make the process quick, easy and FUN!

I understand you have a million and one tasks at hand, and too often you’re not able to get all the support you need because of limited time and budget.

This book gives you color choices that have been tested and proven to reduce anxiety and create a friendly, relaxing and cozy space.


Chapter 1 — How to Balance Cool and Warm Tones to Get that Cozy, Nurturing Vibe: Page 13
Chapter 2 — How the Color Green Calms Anxiety + My Top 3 Favorite Greens: Page 28
Chapter 3 — Avoid These Paint Colors — Trust Me: Page 38
Chapter 4 — How to Choose the Right Blue + My Top 7 Favorite Blue Paint Colors: Page 42
Chapter 5 — When To Paint With Pink, Coral and Orange + My Go-To List: Page 52
Chapter 6 — Treat Your Ceiling as the Accent Wall + My 3 Favorite Ceiling Colors: Page 64
Chapter 7 — Not All Whites Are Created Equal + My Favorite Whites: Page 74
Chapter 8 — Why Painting With No- and Low-VOCs is the Only Choice: Page 82
Chapter 9 — What is the Best Finish: Flat, Eggshell, Satin or Semi-gloss? Page 86
Chapter 10 — Last Words of Color Wisdom: Page 91
Chapter 11 — Next Steps: Page 98

This book is playful and inspiring. Cheryl goes through some simple ways to bring color into your clinic and your life. Don’t let the simplicity fool you though, because these ideas and color schemes can have a big impact on your overall wellbeing. 

Fresh and focused color goes a long way to creating a calm and clear atmosphere. I love how Cheryl talks about balancing warm and cool colors and then invites you to paint your ceiling.

I have used Cheryl’s advice and loved the results. She has taught me how to use color as a vibration. Now that information is clearly laid out in this book. I recommend The Color Cure to help enliven your relationship with the walls and ceilings in your life.

Jennie King LAc, MAcOM, LMT | Redbird Healing Arts

In her ebook The Color Cure, Cheryl Janis shares her best design secrets. She outlines facets of design elements that make the process of selecting color less intimidating. Cheryl brings a sense of practicability to her design concepts and this will definitely be my go-to guide for enhancing my herbal apothecary. Thank you Cheryl.

Cyndi Hackett| Certified Medical Herbalist

The stories were amazing! The layout accessible and gorgeous. The quotes were inspirational. The vomit green cracked me up! I want to paint everything.

Dr. Kristin Sulis, DVM | Mt. Tabor Veterinary Care | Portland


1) Who is this book for?

Doctors, dentists, healthcare solopreneurs and wellness business owners who are limited by a budget and desire easy, practical and reliable paint color guidance for their healing environment.

2) Who is this book not for?

Doctors, dentists, wellness business owners and solopreneur healthcare practitioners who don’t believe in the transformative power of an intelligent new paint color or who don’t want to repaint their spaces.

3) Is this book a replacement for working with a color expert?

Yes and no.

Yes, if you are on a shoestring budget and can’t afford to hire a color expert to help you select a specific color palette for your space.

And no, because, really, this book is a compliment to a color consultation. It will introduce you to the benefits of healing colors, offer you a list of specific selections to choose from and get your mind thinking about how you want your wellness space or healthcare office to look and feel. That information is very useful to share with your colorist or healthcare interior designer.

4) How long is the book?

The book contains 105 pages and comes with a companion color sheet that is 11 additional pages. There are twenty illustrations of paint colors in healthcare and wellness spaces I’ve designed along with specific paint colors I have used over and over again to choose from.

5) What is the difference between The Color Cure Book only package and The Complete Bundle package apart an additional $40 more for the TCB?

A lot. For that extra 40 bucks you get this:

  • The Color Cure Book
  • Companion Color Cheat Sheet
  • 18 Paint Colors Recipes For Healthcare And Wellness Spaces PLUS 8 Bonus Colors not in the The Color Cure
  • 5 Perfect Grays For Your Next Paint Project And How To Use Them In Health And Wellness Spaces
  • Color Troubleshooting Guide – Answers To Common Questions About Paint Color Problems

Here’s one of my favorite gray colors taken from page 8 of my book 5 Perfect Grays For Your Next Paint Project:

6) How long will it take me to read the book?

It depends on how fast of a reader you are. You might devour it quickly in one evening or you might savor it and read it slowly over time, absorbing the information at your own pace. Or, you might just skip to one chapter first, if, for example, you are looking for that perfect blue paint color for your waiting room. If you power through it, you can read this book over a relaxing lunch.

7) Does the book teach me color theory?

No. There are plenty of books out there that can do that for you. Instead, I offer you specific paint colors I have used in healthcare spaces over the past fourteen years that are key in creating a cozy, nurturing and safe space your patients, clients and your team love. I share my experiences with illustrations that save you time and money trying to come up with the best color palettes and/or correcting costly color mistakes in the future.

8) Will the book help me if I help me if I have only one room?

Yes! This book will help you no matter how many rooms you have in your healthcare office, clinic or wellness space.

9) Will the book make me feel like a dummy because I don’t know anything about color?

No, it won’t. I understand how overwhelming it can be to select the right colors for your healthcare business regardless if you are first starting out in a brand new space or are in the process of redesigning an old space you’ve been in for years.

This book is easy to read and understand. There are beautiful extra-large images of spaces with different paint colors so you can see how the colors look in a space similar to yours.

10) What if I hate the book and want my money back?

No problem. I offer a 100%, no-questions-asked money back guarantee.

11) What format does the book come in? What devices can I read it on?

The book comes in a .PDF format which you can download right onto your computer, tablet or phone. The pictures will look best on your large computer screen.

12) How much does the book cost?

View the options here.

Still have questions?

Perfect. Send your questions here.

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