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“I truly believe Cheryl Janis is the missing link in our industry.” —Lori Crete, The Beauty Biz Show

Is this you?

  • You are a purpose-driven doctor or wellness professional in Marin County. You need a new design NOW and don’t have the time to wait for endless design revisions, a paralyzing number of choices, or the emotional angst of trying to imagine how each change will feel.
  • You are a mission-driven healthcare solopreneur in Marin County and the design of your wellness space is stuck somewhere in the 1980’s. You desire a higher professional aesthetic to support the current needs of your patients, their families and team members.
  • You recently purchased a new medical or healthcare practice and you haven’t the foggiest idea how to update the space because healthcare-not design–is your expertise.
  • You and your team are finally expanding your healthcare business—-offering new services, raising rates and building out a new space—and everyone is over the current mishmash of Ikea-esque furniture and artwork. You feel embarrassed and want to badass your business into the next solar system of awesome.
  • You’ve got a big vision and are turning your dream into a reality by building a new healthcare clinic from scratch. You need help creating the highest “patient experience” in the design because you know a merely clean and sterile healing environment no longer cuts it if you want your small business to stay in the game. .
  • You have a deep desire to move your patients [and their families] away from the stress of their health challenges and into a place of comfort and calm in your healing space, but you don’t know how to take the first step towards that result.
  • You love the idea of implementing evidence-based design and art into your healing environment because you know that people experience less stress and enjoy a higher perception of care in a patient-centered space. But how do you go about hiring an expert in art for healthcare?

If any of the above problems ring a familiar tone, you may be a perfect fit for my one to two day interior design intensive, The Design SpaceliftLearn more >>

Level-up your professional aesthetic and revolutionize your business with a new custom design.

Selecting a new paint color for the walls of your healthcare office, wellness clinic, treatment room or waiting room can be overwhelming.



… I was concerned about the potential cost

I knew a patient-centered design of our clinic’s facility played an important role in improved health outcomes, but I was concerned that a full redesign would be too expensive.

Cheryl brought wonderful design ideas to the table, and they didn’t require as much budget as I’d thought.

She was also very thorough. Her effective communication meant I always knew what was going on, and her wonderful creativity has helped the clinic look SO much better than I could have imagined or done myself.

Cheryl’s focus on creating an exceptional experience for the patient both creates better outcomes and sets her apart from other designers.

Dr. Todd Maderis ND, LAc

Founder and Medical Director of Marin Natural Medicine | Larkspur, CA

… Revenue has increased by 66.7% during the slow summer vacation season

The results of Cheryl’s design have been insanely positive. Our perspective on the business has become more confident and we are seeing an immediate increase in revenue too!

The new design has helped us level up in every way. Clients respect us more while visibly feeling more relaxed and cared for. Staff morale and job satisfaction have gone way up. Practitioners tell me they feel proud to work here.

The best part is the greater confidence my business partner and I feel about expanding to a second location, which will happen in mid 2017.

Candace Combs

Owner | In-Symmetry Wellness Spa | San Francisco, CA

… My energy is lighter and brighter

Before I worked with Cheryl, I felt agitated and stuck in my treatment room. I couldn’t flow with my work very well. I knew I needed a change, but I didn’t know how to get there. Now, I feel supported by my space to go deeper into my work. Clients love the new design and I feel energized and in the flow.  I love what Cheryl has helped me create here and I’m now focusing on my practice in a whole new way.

Jessica Piazza, LAc

Acupuncturist | East West Natural Medicine | Santa Rosa, CA


In 5 days you’ll learn how intelligent paint colors can instantly transform your health or wellness business into a nurturing and safe space, while increasing your professional aesthetic and your bottom line.

√ Lesson 1: What Friggin’ Color Do I Paint These Walls?

√ Lesson 2: Colors That Agitate The Brain

√ Lesson 3: Three Things Wrong With Traditional Color Theories

√ Lesson 4: Reliable Paint Colors That Make Your Life Easier

√ Lesson 5: When Your Office Landlord Freaks Out About A Color

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