Project: In-Symmetry Wellness Spa | San Francisco



My clients came to me with complaints of a nit-picky clientele, a disjointed feeling in the space, & the need for a higher professional aesthetic to match their new pricing structure. The space had loads of natural light but the design felt too dorm-room. It’s okay to have some furniture pieces from Ikea but it all has to flow and your seating has to be top-notch.


  • Owners, clients and practitioners overwhelmingly love the new space
  • Nit picky clients went from 25% of clientele to zero within two weeks of design installation
  • Without expanding the footprint, the new design radically opened up the space, allowing for more comfortable seating and feelings of intensified spaciousness
  • Revenue has increased by 66.7% during the slow summer vacation season
  • Higher level of professional aesthetic achieved


… Revenue has increased by 66.7% during the slow summer vacation season

The results of Cheryl’s design have been insanely positive. Our perspective on the business has become more confident and we are seeing an immediate increase in revenue too!

The new design has helped us level up in every way. Clients respect us more while visibly feeling more relaxed and cared for. Staff morale and job satisfaction have gone way up. Practitioners tell me they feel proud to work here.

The best part is the greater confidence my business partner and I feel about expanding to a second location, which will happen in mid 2017.

Candace Combs

Owner | In-Symmetry Wellness Spa | San Francisco, CA

Project: Earth Friendly Medicine | Portland


My design for a new Naturopathic Physician’s office takes into account every detail of the patient’s emotional and physical experience.

The healing space boasts tall ceilings and well-defined areas for doctor/patient intake, exam/treatment zone, storage and specialty tea offerings.

… Cheryl understands the dynamics of a healing space

My goal was to establish a calming aesthetic with a practical workflow. Cheryl helped me reach that goal when she redesigned the space. Now, the feel & flow of my office make it so easy to spend time in. I’m a busy practitioner and I love being here!

Michelle Winchell, ND | LAc

Naturopathic Doctor | Earth Friendly Medicine

Project: Marin Natural Medicine | Larkspur


My redesign of Marin Natural Medicine Clinic included the Infusion Bay where patients receive IV treatments for various health conditions.

New wall and ceiling colors combined with a seven-foot wide living wall and new recliner chairs create a serene and restorative environment for this patient-centered practice.


… I was concerned about the potential cost

I knew a patient-centered design of our clinic’s facility played an important role in improved health outcomes and was pleasantly surprised that it didn’t require as much budget as I’d thought.  

Cheryl’s focus on creating an exceptional experience for the patient sets her apart from other designers.

Todd Maderis, ND | LAc

Founder and Medical Director, Marin Natural Medicine Clinic | Larkspur, California

Project: Canyon Manor | Mental Health Rehabilitation Center | Novato


Richard Evatz, Executive Director of Canyon Manor Mental Health Rehabilitation Center, hired me to consult on the interior design of the facility. The challenge was to transform a 30 year-old outdated design into an emotionally uplifting, soothing and healing environment for everyone.

I selected new interior wall and ceiling colors to replace the original colors and wall coverings from the late 1970’s, and an exterior color palette. I sourced Evidence-Based art, and selected new materials for door kicks, handrails and chairs for the building which houses 35 two and three-bed resident rooms, a dining room, and several multi-purpose rooms for therapy, classes, and recreational activities.

In addition, I recommended the installation of a garden labyrinth which has been shown to help people working through grief and loss, post-traumatic stress disorder, sexual abuse, and substance abuse.


 … Cheryl is a treasure. She has a great command of design and color elements that would benefit anyone interested in meeting their business and therapeutic goals in a healthcare setting.

In the thirty years I’ve worked here, this is the very first time there has been an overall consensus among staff and clients on how much everyone loves the new wall colors and artwork.

Clients stop me in the hallway with comments like, “I love the artwork. The images help me find my place in the Universe” and point out their favorites. Others have shared how our large nature-art photography throughout the facility is a portal into very peaceful natural spaces.

Our staff reports the new artwork is a positive distraction for clients seeking to find relief from what’s going on around them and how good it feels to be in the space.

Richard Evatz

Executive Director | Canyon Manor | Novato, CA

Project: The Vital Compass | Portland


This industrial space saw seven businesses come and go over a two-year period before my clients hired me to help them with the design of their new Acupuncture clinic and Chinese herb pharmacy.

The business has been flourishing in this location for three years now and growth continues.

… We have a thriving business, and people comment daily on how beautiful the space is

Hiring Cheryl was some of the best money ever spent. I know our business would not have taken off nearly as quickly without the design element she helped us put in place. Everything about the space makes you want to be there, and it’s great for business.

Alison Loercher, LAc

Acupuncturist & Co-founder | The Vital Compass

Project: Yoga Omazing | Beaverton


The first day I met with my client in what would become his new (and successful) second floor yoga studio, he shared that not once had he ever taken a yoga class.

The build-out of the studio included the important consideration of colors, materials, furnishings, artwork and the yoga student’s experience in the space.

For the largest yoga room, I chose a color palette that helped to both anchor the room and compliment the abundance of natural light that flooded through the windows.

… Visitors say they have a hard time leaving

In a very non self-promoting way, Cheryl told me color was one of her gifts. If I base all the compliments I’ve had on our colors here in the studio, I have no doubt about that. Cheryl’s work has resulted in visitors saying they have a hard time leaving the studio because it has such a warm, nurturing feel. And I have the pleasure of working in this space every day.

Michael Roteik

Owner | Yoga Omazing

Project: Mt. Tabor Veterinary Care | Portland


The upstairs loft expansion of my client’s booming Veterinary boutique practice included the build-out of her new office. Soothing lavender walls represent the higher chakras–symbolic of her leadership qualities–and add a calming element to her very busy days. The desk is in the power position–diagonal to the door and in full view of the room–and symbolically says, “I’m open to the world and the world is open to me.”

… A beautiful, comfortable, healing space

Working with Cheryl was a breath of fresh air. During the difficult and very busy time of completing our veterinary clinic, Cheryl was there to offer help in new wall color selection, furniture and accessory choices and space planning. She was a grounding element that helped me look deeper at what we were creating. She didn’t tell me the latest fads. Instead she listened to me and understood my vision and helped me create what I really wanted – a beautiful, comfortable healing space for pets and their families.

Kristin Sulis DVM

Doctor of Veterinary Medicine | Owner of Mt. Tabor Veterinary Care

Project: Dr. Carmen Ripley ND


The design goal of this Naturopathic Physician’s office was to reduce my client’s stress. I selected a dark rich chocolate wall paint, new lighting, a oversized double drapery window treatment, and a comfortable sofa to enhance the feelings of safety and comfort. New space planning created separate areas for an exam table, and an area for private patient/doctor conversations.

… My patients & I feel more relaxed

After Cheryl redesigned my large office and treatment room, my patients felt more relaxed while discussing their health conditions. I also noticed an increased trust among patients in me and higher receptivity in recommended treatment plans. I went from feeling completely overwhelmed and overworked in my space to feeling much calmer and more balanced.

Dr. Carmen Ripley, ND

Doctor of Naturopathic Medicine | PNH