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Selecting a new paint color for the walls of your healthcare office, treatment or waiting room can be overwhelming. This book makes it easy and painless to select nurturing wall colors you, your patients and staff will love.

With over 100 waiting room design illustrations, you’ll find yourself quickly immersed in the book, inspired and guided to transform your waiting room into a space that delights patients and keeps referral business flourishing.


When life gives you lemons, do this!

When Martha Stewart went to jail in 2004 for lying about selling a stock sale, she did what only Martha Stewart would do; she made friends with her inmates, taught them how to make ceramics, after she learned it in prison herself, and made jam out of the crab apple...

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Avoid this simple design mistake

Seriously, I see this design mistake so often, regardless of why type of medical, healthcare or wellness service you offer. And, it secretly causes a whole heck of a lot of anxiety in your patients. "What's the design mistake?", You ask. Two words: Your signage. Or...

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