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Selecting a new paint color for the walls of your clinic, treatment room or healthcare facility can be overwhelming. With all the choices out there, choosing the right shade can seem like a daunting task. Get the help you need now.


I’m taking new clients in September

You may have noticed I'm no longer posting articles here every weekday. No, I haven't dyed my hair purple (yet) and run off with the circus (yet)... I am now showing up once a week here on Monday mornings. Today is my first Monday Design Letter to you. How did this...

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The treatment room tour

"I'm going to walk you through it, step by step," I said to Dr. Andrea Maxim on episode 56 of the Profitable Practice Podcast, after she asked me how a Naturopathic Physician can start designing a therapeutic treatment room to increase comfort, patient retention rates...

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Season 2 of The Wellness Design Podcast

What would you like to listen to on Season 2 of The Wellness Design Podcast? Just send me a note HERE and tell me the one thing you'd like to hear more of on the show. Your opinion means the world to me. Knowing what you want for Season 2 of The Wellness Design...

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