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Selecting a new paint color for the walls of your healthcare office, treatment or waiting room can be overwhelming. This book makes it easy and FUN to select melt in your mouth good wall colors you, your patients and staff love!

With over 100 waiting room design illustrations, you’ll find yourself quickly immersed in the book, inspired and guided to transform your waiting room into a space that delights patients and keeps referral business flourishing.

Healthcare interior designer Cheryl Janis interviews big-hearted industry professionals, designers, artists, and creatives with must have design resources and tools for your patient-centered healthcare business!


When your space bullies you + a workshop

If you were a fly on the wall at my client's office the other day, here's what you would've heard: Doc: I totally get how the workspace is so important to our health. Me: Nod, nod. Doc: My mom was happy in her job for many years and then her boss transferred her to...

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Turn up irresistible in your waiting room

Earlier this week I was on a guest for the second time on The DocPreneur Podcast with Michael Tetreault, Editor-In-Chief of Concierge Medicine Today and The DPC Journal. I'll share the link with you here as soon as it goes live, pinky swear. 🖐🏽 During...

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If you knew you were going to die tomorrow

I recently watched Oprah's latest Super Soul Sunday interview with Brother David Steindl-Rast, a Catholic Benedictine monk, notable for his enduring message about gratefulness as the true source of lasting joy. You can watch the interview here:

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