Your patients and clients love you for the best reason; you’re one of the good ones.

During the Design Therapy virtual or in-person session, I quickly help you identify any problem areas in your healthcare environment that may be keeping you from your dream business.

We find problems that may be quietly repelling your patients (and clients), leaving you awake at night wondering how to increase retention, capacity, reduce stress and grow referral business.

What happens during the session will have you thinking about your medical office or wellness business in radically new ways.

You’ll walk away knowing what design solutions are necessary to attract your perfect patients, build relationships (with patients and staff) that stick, reduce stress and keep referral business flourishing.

A 90-minute virtual or in-person session, and an actionable design plan moving forward


(This cost is deducted from any Design Spacelift package)

Cheryl’s design was a game-changer!

My patients love my new space! They say it is bright, but cozy and the dark ceiling feels like a hug. Cheryl’s design was a game changer for my business which is now expanding to health and wellness courses online. I’ve gained more respect from my patients and peers, and my confidence has skyrocketed during my meet and greets. I feel empowered in my work!

Dr. Michelle Winchell, ND

Naturopathic Doctor | Earth Friendly Medicine

… We’ve seen over a hundred new patients come in!

The response has been overwhelming! Since working with Cheryl and redesigning our dental practice, we have seen over a hundred new patients come in. Some patients in town who were on the fence about trying someone new have heard about the practice and have been really thrilled to be welcomed into our new space when they join. It’s been amazing. Also, some of our patients have asked for our paint colors in order to replicate the feel in their own homes. This is thanks to Cheryl!

Dr. Adam Diesburg, DDS

Adam Diesburg Dentistry

Our business tripled in volume and in income!

The biggest surprise working with Cheryl were the results; our business tripled in volume and in income! I get hand written notes from patients who share how much they love and appreciate the new look and feel of my natural medicine clinic. Our business is flourishing in ways I never thought possible!

Dr. Athena Paradise, DC

Heart in Hand Natural Health

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