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Last week I got the coolest email from list member Nika who shared a picture of her hospitality table in her treatment room.

But… before you scroll down to check out this beauty of a tea station, here’s what Niki told me in that email:

“In my single treatment room practice, I do serve tea with seasonal snacks. Most often the snacks will be specialty because my clientele tends to be more sensitive to ingredients, or wrought with allergies, or auto-immune issues.  That said, I provide delicious treats with very little additives. Back to the tea– Attached is a photo of my “station”. While it is certainly available for self-service I do prefer to make it special by serving them. We decide together which tea suits the session, and also which treat matches their mood and dietary needs. I find it engenders Good Will and also a connection between us which flows beautifully into which ever session is scheduled to follow.”

Freaking gorgeous, right?!! 😍

I know. I’m totally in LOVE with it too!

Niki inspired me with her email to offer something to my DIY peeps (is that you?) after she said this:

“I’ve made so many adjustments to my decor, lighting, and flow based on your recommendations.”

Long story short, I’m reaching out to you today to see how many of you would be interested in a 5-week DIY online workshop with me.

If enough of you are interested – at least six of you and max ten (5 max in each workshop), I’ll offer it in the Spring of 2019.

“What will this workshop look like,” you ask?

The workshop is based on my one-on-one private 5-WEEK DIY DESIGN SUPPORT PACKAGE except you will be in an online group of other healthcare professionals (max 5 people in each group) who are also DIY’ing their own practices or wellness service based businesses.

And it’s a lot more affordable (like $1,300 more affordable) to those of you who desire my help but don’t want to invest in the one-on-one support package. If you’re curious, you can check out my private design support package here:

My new Five-Week DIY Healthcare Design Online Workshop is for those of you who want to do the work themselves, but need the guidance and vision of a professional within a group setting.

Again, you’ll get expert design coaching from start to finish within a group setting.

Here’s how it works:

👉Weekly video conference calls (via Zoom) where you and Cheryl and up to 4 other people dig deep into the new vision of your space and the best design changes within your budget.
👉Fun design homework in-between our weekly meetings.
👉Access to Cheryl via a private group Slack room during the five week engagement period. Slack is kind of like a private Facebook group except better.
👉Can’t decide on if that rug is right for your space? Cheryl will help you make all of those decisions and you get to see what and how other people in the group are DIY’ing their waiting room or treatment room or other room in their healthcare or wellness space! It’s SO much fun!
👉Shopping support (Yup, Cheryl will shop with you during the calls or give you homework and you can chat with her in-between sessions in Slack.)

Again, this will be a group workshop. And the cost may be appealing to you considering it is $1,300 cheaper than my private one-on-one DIY design support package.

The cost is $500 per person. That’s $100 bucks per week for five-weeks to radically improve your business space and get expert design coaching from me throughout the process!

And if you sign up early, I’ll give you $50 bucks off. (I don’t have a sign up yet, so get on my list if you’re not already on it, because that is where I will announce the workshops first.)

Today’s email is to simply take your DIY design temperature. 💖

Is this something you’d be interested in signing up for? Would it help you to finally finish those design projects you’ve been putting off or haven’t even started, so you, your staff, patients and clients love your space every darn day?

Again, this workshop will begin in the Spring of 2019 and I’m offering up to two workshops and at least 3 people have to sign up with a maximum of 5 per each group.

Sound good?

In 2017 I gave a one day DIY healthcare design workshop and here’s what a participant reported after she made the recommended design changes to her waiting room:

“Since I started initiating the design changes Cheryl recommended, my monthly gross revenue has increased by 43%. Over the past year patient count has almost doubled.”

—Patricia Lew, L.Ac, Alamo Heights Wellness, San Antonio, TX

Yeah, incredible right?! I was SO excited to get that email.

You as a DIY’er already have such talent in researching furniture, art and decor online, finding the things you love for your healthcare space and making it all happen!

What this workshop will give you is that expert design support you need to avoid design and color mistakes, and the overwhelm that comes with spending ridiculous amounts of time questioning and obsessing over what to buy or what color to choose.

Plus, it’s FUN to watch others DIY their own healthcare spaces too, right?

If you’re interested, simply send me a note here with a YES and tell me what kind of healthcare or wellness business you own and operate.

Lovingly yours in soulful and smart wellness spaces,