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“Why should I paint my ceilings?” is a question I often get from clients who simply just don’t see the point.

👉 Here’s my answer:

Most ceilings in waiting rooms, exam and treatment rooms I have seen over the years are left white.

And sometimes this can look and feel fine.

Other times–truthfully most of the time–when the ceilings are left white, the overhead slab of white can be painfully disruptive to the eye below. 😟

When your white ceiling is coupled with harsh lighting often seen in healthcare buildings and offices, the glare below can contribute to headaches and other problematic conditions I won’t get into here.

I will say this: In the past fifteen years of working with color in wellness spaces, I have seen that by painting the ceiling in treatment rooms, waiting rooms, exam rooms and other areas, patients and clients feel more relaxed and at ease in their surroundings.

To help you better understand this concept, here are three examples of wellness offices with painted ceilings:


👉 My big message for you today is this:

When ceilings are painted a rich medium to dark color, your space feels luxurious and special!

And when your patient or client is in a reclining position either in a chair or on a therapy table to receive her or his treatment, the benefit of looking up at your painted ceiling is a calming one.

A calming, luxurious and premium experience for you, your staff and your patients keeps your business rollin’ in the dough.

Your painted ceilings help establish your office in the community as a highly desirable place to be, word of mouth spreads and your staff enjoy working in your office every day!

There’s much more to say when it comes to painting your ceiling, like if it’s okay to paint those sometimes not-so-attractive acoustic ceiling tiles and when to paint the ceiling the same colors as the walls.

I answer these questions and much more in the complete bundle of my book The Color Cure 2.0 – How to transform your healthcare office, clinic or treatment room into an oasis by choosing the perfect paint.

The Complete Bundle also includes the following awesome stuff:

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The Complete Bundle is almost ready!

But not quite.

I’m working hard to get it out to you ASAP.

Stay tuned!

In the meantime, send me a quick note HERE and answer this question for me,

“Have you ever personally experienced a ceiling that has been painted a color other than white?”