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A couple of weeks ago, I noticed a mole “thingy” on my right thigh and made an appointment with my dermatologist bestie Dr. Judith Hong to take a look at it.

It took Dr. Hong 5 minutes to assess my non-cancerous (thank you Goddess!) skin “thingy” and spray some liquid nitrogen on it (a technique used to allow the mole to fall off naturally within a week or so) and voilà, we were done!

At the end of our appointment, Judith asked me if I would do her a quick design favor.

She had a dozen or nature photography prints that needed to be hung in five exam rooms and she had NO clue where to hang them.

Long story short, we went around to each empty exam room where I quickly decided where each print should be hung for maximum patient-gazing pleasure.

What came out of this experience was Judith’s admission that, although, it would seem like common decorating sense to know the best place to hang prints, it wasn’t. And she learned a ton!

That got me thinking Judith might not be the only wicked smart healthcare professional who hadn’t a clue about how to hang artwork for maximum impact in their wellness space.

In my latest micro-episode of The Wellness Design Podcast, I share my 2 design tricks to hanging artwork in your waiting room, exam and treatment rooms, break room and even bathrooms that will get you, your patients, clients and staff drooling.

Tune in, and listen in to your 10-minute design lesson here:

And when you’re done, please send me a quick REPLY to this email and let me what part of the lesson you liked best. Was there anything in particular that was helpful?

Your feedback is super duper important to me. It helps me continue to create the very best design tools that help you easily and effortlessly create a wellness space you and your peeps LOVE!

Feel my squeeze,