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Hi Beloveds,

Last Monday, a day before the new moon, I leased a new car.

To be exact, I leased a 2016 BMW, 328d sedan. And it is a he.

I don’t know how I know his sex. I just do.

Here, let me introduce you. Beloveds, meet Benoit…


Benoit (French pronunciation: [bənwa]) is a handsome diesel fueled, 42 miles to the gallon on the fwy, fully loaded exquisite car with only 10,785 miles, driven by one owner who was a female executive at BMW.

Wow, that was a mouthful.

When I test drove Benoit, gliding over street bumps as if they were small blemishes on a teenager’s face, while listening to Sade’s, Soldier of Love, I knew our souls were meant to be together.

Then something interesting happened on my drive home.

My mind started a shaming session about how I was undeserving and what would people think about me now that I’m driving a BMW, and you know how the rest goes, right?

Does any of this sound familiar?

You buy something nice for yourself or your business, and your mind starts critiquing what you’ve done, showing you the millions of ways it can go wrong or how other people will judge you for it…

Well… don’t listen.

Or better yet, listen, but don’t believe the story your mind is telling you.

Instead, follow your heart. Be sensible, of course, and then return to following your heart.

When you invest in the new design or remodel of your waiting room, clinic, office, treatment room or other healing space, you are investing in your soul’s work. 

You are also expressing in the outer environment how you feel in your internal space.

So tell me, what does your wellness space say about you, your business and your team?

For example, does your nature artwork depicting luscious cedar trees overlooking a serene lake in Montana speak volumes about gratitude, wealth and love?

Or does your small print from Ikea with a stick figure you thought looked kinda cute feel sad and dwarfed now that it’s hanging in your large waiting room?

When you align the outer world with the inner and vice-versa, that’s when the magic happens.

When you create a patient-centered healing space that your patients, team and everyone else loves from the moment they walk in until the time they leave, you guarantee yourself a raise in referrals and higher patient and client retention rates.

Your return on investment in huge.

Back to my story.

On the drive home, I allowed my mind an opportunity to express herself as I know she is just trying to protect me from whatever crazy stuff the ego can think up.

I told her I would sleep on it and then the next morning I woke up in love. In love with Benoit, in love with this new expression of abundance in my life and grateful for this opportunity to get to do work I love, every single day.

If you’re ready to take the next step in the design of your space (and I encourage you to do so), get the help you need here:

With love from me and Benoit,