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A couple of days ago, Malcolm [our 16.5 year old red heeler] woke up with a bad limp in his front left paw.

Cut to two hours later. We’re in the car driving to see his acupuncturist.

[Malcolm loves acupuncture and adores his acupuncturist, Dr. Laura.]

During the drive I was having one of those precious moments of gratitude and inside my head I was thankful for these three things:

1) Malcolm is calm right now. [Not always the case when he’s in the car.]

2) Dr. Laura had a last minute cancellation which allowed Malcolm to grab the session. [Thank you Angels.]

3) It was a magical sunny day. The sunroof was open and the cool breezes flowing in made me feel all warm and fuzzy inside. I breathed in gratitude.

Suddenly, after that last thought, a hard small rock hit the windshield and chipped the glass.

My next thought was, “WTF, Universe?!”

I spoke out loud to my Angels, “Here I was deep in gratitude and your answer is to throw me a hard rock that chips the front window?”

I silently giggled.

This year of the Rooster has been anything but normal, right?

And if you’re familiar with the term Mercury in Retrograde [google it if you’re not], this year feels like a perpetual MIR.

It’s also been a year [so far] filled with many opportunities to choose how we react to life situations.

For example, I could’ve been super pissed off that a rock hit the windshield in that moment.

I could’ve allowed a frown to take the place of that big euphoric smile on my face. And that could’ve ruined my day.

But it didn’t. I let it go.

And I decided that small rock was a kiss from God.

My big message to you today is this:

Don’t let the small things get you down.

Instead, I encourage you to totally and completely embrace the little joyful things that show up in your everyday life and make them big.

For example, when you first walk into your wellness or healthcare space this morning, notice your favorite thing about the room.

Maybe, it’s the way the natural light comes in through the windows.

Or maybe it’s how the space feels after it’s been cleaned by your crew with essential oils.

Take heart in knowing that your space is there to hold and support you, your work, your team and your patients.

And then make that feeling BIG.

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With love and kisses from God,