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Lately with the fall weather here I’ve been so itttccchhhing for change. Change in my office decor, my wardrobe and my home, too.

I’ve been scratching that itch, kinda like in the above photo, only better and without all those rectilinear furniture shapes: 😱😉

Are you feeling the pull? 

With the change of season upon us and two little weeks away from the end of daylight savings time, you might be thinking, “Now is the time to change my waiting room decor to make everyone, including me, my staff and my patients feel all kinds of cozy, nurturing goodness this winter!”

Look no further. I’ve got just what you need to scratch that itch, aka transform your waiting room in a magnet of compassionate prosperity and a practice everyone is going to be talking about!

I just released (like 2 days ago released) my new and free 5-day email course, “The Waiting Room Design Crash Course.”

In the course, I share my 3 biggest and easiest waiting room decor and design secrets to filling your practice with the kind of people that will pay a premium rate for your services!

You’ll also learn:

✔️ What science says relaxes the brain under stress and how to use it in your decor
✔️ How to select the best healing art on a micro-budget
✔️ Easy lighting tips that instantly take your patients out of fight or flight
✔️ How to choose “melt in your mouth good” wall colors

At the end of the course, you’ll have a chance to buy my latest book, The Waiting Room Cure: The healthcare practitioner’s guide to transforming the waiting room into a nurturing and highly-profitable referral magnet, at a hefty discount.

I only offer this kind of discount once a year and in this course.

Sign up here to grab lesson#1 now:

Your back scratcher,