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Last night at 10:30pm I arrived at the half-century mark of my life here on earth. 😱

To celebrate this special day, my hubby gifted me with a star party.

I know what you’re thinking. A star party is where I invite all my favorite celebrities to hang out for the evening.

Nope, my star party, was much grander, and literally, a party in the stars.

A couple of astronomers in my town with bad ass (hubble-esque) telescopes offered an evening of star and planet gazing, including stories of the cosmos, while sipping tea and eating birthday cake!

I was thrilled to celebrate my big day in the heavens, amongst the brightest constellations and the Perseid meteor showers happen every year around this time. 💫

💖 Another way I’m celebrating my big day is with a new podcast episode… for you.

Today’s episode is a design lesson from my book, The Waiting Room Cure.

In the episode I go deeper into how to design a positive first impression in your entryway and why it matters to your business.

Here are the highlights:

CHAPTER 4:  You’ll Never Get a Second Chance to Make a First Impression

👉 The psychology of first impressions and why it’s important in keeping patient satisfaction rates high
👉 What happens during the first fifteen seconds after your patient or client steps into your healthcare office
👉 The biggest no no’s of a first impression that can make your peeps feel like they’ve been on an IV drip of Red Bull for the past six hours
👉 An easy two step process of designing a gorgeous first impression that doesn’t break the bank (although it can if you want it to)
👉 The best placement for your reception desk
👉 How to make plants and water features your BFF’s

Start listening now:

In the meantime, you’ll find me still with my head in the stars celebrating my big five O.