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I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again; a picture can speak a thousand words.

This time my client Wintry Wonder, a physical therapist in Portland Oregon, hired me to help him redesign an old apartment into the wellness space of his dreams.

It just goes show you that no matter how ugly of a box you lease for your dream wellness space, you can transform it into the business of your dreams.

First, here’s the before pic:

Yep, ugly apartment right?

Now, here’s the after image:

A thousand words right?

Here’s how affordable and easy the transformation was:

👉 The landlord replaced the carpet with laminate wood flooring (zero cost to Wintry)
👉 New wall and ceiling paint (Cost: $200 for paint and Wintry painted it himself.)
👉 Everything else including the furniture, rug, massage table and fish tank (which was the most expensive piece) under a thousand bucks.

My big message to you today is this:

It doesn’t take much to transform your current space into one that you, your patients and clients, colleagues and everyone else LOVES to visit every darn day.

And when you truly take the time to create a relaxing, friendly and nurturing space, you build your business big time.

My case studies have proven that when you redesign your waiting room, treatment room, exam room, staff lounge and bathroom in the way I’m describing, your referral business starts to bust a move.

And by that I mean this. Your peeps instantly love being in your newly redesigned space so much that they want to come back AND they share that with their family and friends and on social media including awesome Yelp and Google reviews.

In the past 15 years of doing this work for people just like you, I have seen an average of 40% increase in referral business within the first six months after a redesign. And what I’m talking about is repainting, getting some new furniture, artwork, etc. All cosmetic stuff. You don’t have to spend 10K to get these kinds of results. And you can do it on your own time, one step at a time, while you budget it out.

But really? I have seen so many of my clients experience an 80% plus increase in referral business within the first six months after the redesign, that I’m now so confident you can do it too.

If you need help with new colors, I’m coming out with a new book soon! It’s called The Color Cure 2.0: How to transform your healthcare office, clinic or treatment room into an oasis by choosing the perfect paint.

It’s an update to my first book, The Color Cure, except it has the following goodness in it:

👉 Over 2 dozen new paint colors (not in the first book!) based on current health design trends and my experience of what colors soothe the brain.
👉 Over 100 new pages with new illustrations of colors in a variety of wellness settings like dental offices, acupuncturist clinics, ND and MD spaces, spas, etc. etc.
👉 A new chapter on what colors to paint your window and door trim, baseboards, chair rails, and wainscoting.
👉 The chapters are more detailed and developed with stories and visual examples that make it easy to create the same vibe in your space
👉 Color action lists at the end of each chapter.

Lastly, I want to thank those of you who have given me feedback on what you would like to see in this new book. It has been instrumental in helping me help you design a clinic, office, wellness business, etc. that you absolutely LOVE.

🦋 Sneak peak: One special thing I’m working on right now is creating a Pantone Color Guide (available in the complete and more expensive bundle). For those of you who live outside the United Stated and/or have trouble getting my recommended colors matched, you will be able to take this guide to your local paint store in most places on planet earth and get them matched with your favorite paints. I’ll keep you posted on this.

For now, if you need help on any of your design projects, head on over to The Wellness Design Podcast and start listening to all the (free) design advice I offer.

Feel my squeeze,