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Good Morning Sweet Peeps,

Last night I had a bad dream.

I was surrounded by boxes and boxes and more boxes of massive amounts of clutter [old books, magazines and stuff] that needed to be sorted and removed.

Boxes filled the room around me as far as my eye could see. They were stacked so high they touched the ceiling.


I sat on the floor for what seemed like days upon days upon days—opening each box and pulling out items associated with memories from the past.

I woke up this morning feeling exhausted from the clutter clearing work I did in my dream.

I asked my higher self, “What do I need to get rid of?”

Was it a negative thought, stuff in my space or something else?

It’s the end of a crazy year, right? And the perfect time to do release work.

That got me thinking about your wellness or healthcare space.

Are you a purge-aholic at work, for example, regularly recycling out-of-date paperwork that you’ve moved to a computer file?

Or do you tend to wait and let items accumulate until your space feels crowded and cramped?

One of the biggest benefits of releasing clutter on a regular basis is letting go of the past and opening new space for new opportunities to come flooding in.

Clearing clutter also means releasing any old furniture you may have inherited with your practice when the time is right and replacing it with new and beautiful pieces you and your patients or clients absolutely love.

Another benefit of purging is how light the space feels afterwards. This simple act can provoke questions from your patients like, “Did you do something different in here? I love how it feels.” 

I’m a self-confessed purge-aholic and minimalist by nature. I enjoy releasing items that I no longer love or that are no longer serving my highest and best good.

And in the past fourteen years of designing wellness spaces, I’ve witnessed how the power of clutter clearing can take your waiting room, treatment room or office from feeling heavy and tired to fresh and vibrant.

What are three things that need to be released from your healthcare space now?

With love and encouragement to purge,