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In the world of HGTV, the lovely Pinterest and an overwhelming number of shopping resources available at your fingertips, how in the heck do you begin to think about creating that perfect design for your healthcare practice, treatment room or wellness clinic?

Not just any old design, but an interior design you LOVE and one that is unique to you, your business and your patients?

Designing for your medical or healthcare practice has elements of home in it… but designing for your wellness space is very different from designing for your home.

Your work environment is a reflection of you, your compassionate work in the world, your team and a space that nurtures your patients and clients through every part of your treatment process.

Like your decor at home, it reflects your hobbies and the elements of your life you love…. BUT it has a very different purpose.

For example, when you design your waiting room with elements of your hobbies, you instantly start to build relationships with your patients and clients who inevitably become curious and start to ask questions (it’s human nature to do so).

You and your staff begin to share stories about how you love elephants and that’s why they are in all the images in your artwork, or how your Japanese Bonsai tree collection rotates every month in your waiting room and your patients look forward to seeing what’s new. (both true stories)

Your patients remember this organic and very human connection that sets you apart from the traditional sterile and clean offices (and doctors) that still dominate the world of healthcare.

Your hobbies in the design of your waiting room then become a powerful marketing tool without you having to pay a dime for advertising.

Simply by embracing your authentic self and sharing it with the people you serve, you develop relationships, build trust, and suddenly higher patient-retention rates and referral business start to grow… massively.

Your patients remember you and they remember how you (and your space) made them feel.

And that feeling is what health and wellness consumers are now wanting.

The good news? Your peeps are willing to pay you generously for your services including how your medical or dental office or health space feels.

30% of the US population are spending money on lifestyle medicine, healthcare and wellness services outside of the healthcare insurance system.

And that number is growing fast!

People like your patients and clients are including YOU and your services in their weekly and monthly budget plans because your are a vital partner in their continued well-being.

If you’re ready to step into the next chapter of your greatness, start with Design Therapy.

In the Design Therapy session (part 1 of my 2 part one and only healthcare design service), I uncover the genius in you.

The genius that draws patients and clients to you like a magnet and the genius that makes your work profound, powerful and purposeful.

What happens during the session will have you thinking about your health and wellness environment in radically new ways.

You’ll walk away knowing what design solutions are necessary to attract your perfect clients, build relationships (with patients and staff) that stick, and keep referral business flourishing.

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You got this.