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As soon as my dear friend stepped into our 5:30pm yoga class, I could see (and feel) how exhausted she was from her day at work.
Sophie is a visionary cosmetic dermatologist who helps her patients feel and look better by diagnosing, treating and preventing diseases that effect the skin, hair and nails.

After class, we sat for a bit talking and catching up.

I asked her, “How many patients do you normally see in a day?”

“About 30”, she responded.

She went on to share that seeing 30 patients in a day is a light patient load and most of the doctors (at her practice) see about 15% more than that.

I asked her how she stays balanced throughout her day.

Her response? “BALANCE?… what balance?!”

And even though she doesn’t take breaks (there’s no time or place in the office for that) and eats on the go, she does carry around rose water spray and spritzes it on her face throughout the day.

It helps.

That… and the female staff give each other shoulder massages on the fly when they can.

(I love how supportive women can be, especially when under stress.)

My big message to you today:

Part of creating and maintaining a happy, flourishing healthcare environment is providing a place for your doctors, practitioners, nurses and staff to restore during their crazy busy days of caring for their patients.

Studies show that taking short rest breaks throughout the day leads to higher work performance and happier patients.

Makes sense right?

By providing a dedicated room for your work family to hydrate, rest, eat, breathe and take some structured time throughout the day to recharge, you help ensure the sustainability of your practice.

Here’s a photo of the well-loved small staff lounge at a client’s healthcare practice:


Your staff lounge can be created very easily by dedicating a room in your practice for staff only. (It doesn’t have to be a big one–making it dedicated to staff self-care is what’s important)

Select comfortable design elements like:

  • comfortable upholstered sofa(s) and/or chair(s)
  • a rectangular or square dining table (to encourage people to stop running and sit down and relax for a bit)
  • inspiring wall art
  • indoor plants
  • a beautiful soothing wall color
  • replacing overhead fluorescent lighting with an aesthetically pleasing light fixture (Even better if there is a window or a skylight to let in natural light.)

This investment will pay off quickly with fewer sick days among staff and higher job satisfaction.

Your patients will quickly notice the difference in better quality of care!

Another win-win for everyone.

If you want more visual design inspiration for your staff lounge, head on over to my Pinterest board, “Staff Lounge Ideas.”

I made it just for you.

Or click on the pretty photo below:


Cheers to creating more people and place centers of well being!