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Happy Monday Peeps!

Last night my happy monkey self was swinging around the branches of Facebook when I came across something that stopped me in my tracks.

It was Madonna.


Madonna, the famous singer from the 80’s who is still making music after 34 years in the music biz, was recently awarded Billboard’s 2016 Woman Of The Year… and her unedited speech was posted on Facebook.

Have you seen it?

She nailed it.

As soon as Madge stepped onto the stage to receive her award, she placed it on the piano behind her and took the wide standing yoga Tadasana Pose or Mountain Stance.

She sank into her strong body and began to share her story of 34 years of brutal misogyny, ageism, being raped on top of an apartment building in New York City with a knife to her throat and other not-so-happy tales of being on the receiving end of endless hate over the years.

As she says, “I remember during that time I wished I had a female peer, someone who I could look to for support.” 

Imagine that. Someone as famous as Madonna didn’t have any female support during a time when she needed it the most.

That got me thinking about you—dear visionary One—and how much support you give to your patients, clients, staff and peers when they need it the most.

You do this by offering your expertise to help your female and male patients and clients return to their best possible health so they can enjoy life to the fullest.

You do this by offering a nurturing and safe wellness or health setting that speaks volumes to who you are as a person, your work and your compassionate care.

Madonna is an inspiration to women and men everywhere. She is a testament to any person who stands up for the truth and doesn’t give up when the going gets tough.

As she said in her acceptance speech, “I am a controversial person. But the most controversial thing I’ve ever done is sticking around.”

It’s more important now than ever for all of us [women and men] to step into our power and thrive.

Here’s the help you need to start redesigning your healthcare or wellness space now:

Thank you Madonna.

With Heart,