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You know that sense of urgency that comes over you after you’ve been sick in bed for awhile, and right about when you start feeling better all you want to do is wash your sheets, open the windows, vacuum and feel that refreshed feeling again in the room?


That’s called space clearing.

Space clearing in the Western world doesn’t have to be a mystical woo woo practice, although its beautiful origins certainly are.

(And yeah, I’m a proud woo woo woman.)

Also, it doesn’t have to be done in some specific way that feels unfamiliar or uncomfortable.

Your way of intentional physically cleaning (including who you hire to do this) and energetically clearing of that gunky feeling in a room in your practice is all you need.

One of my teachers once shared a story about a doc who wanted to clear the energy in her new medical practice.

The business was new and the energy of the former doctors and patients made the space feel heavy and sad.

She decided to wash the walls with a gentle essential oil based soap and water.

She sponged the walls carefully and repeated the words love and joy in her head over and over, and over again as she scrubbed and scrubbed away the energetic gunk in that space.

When she was finished, she felt better and the space felt better.

And other people noticed it too.

Here are 2 examples of how my clients energetically clear their healing spaces:

#1) After they euthanize a beloved pet, my lovely Veterinary client and her team ring bells over the body to symbolize the release of the animal’s Spirit or consciousness into the afterlife.

This is both comforting and healing to everyone involved.

#2) I once walked into my Physical Therapist client’s treatment room and asked why it felt so peaceful after a long day of seeing stressed-out patients.

She shared that in-between every client appointment she uses a special Native American rattle for a few minutes and then sprays a blend of calming lavender essential oils into the space.

(Any instrument and essential oil of your choice will do.)

My big message to you today?

Space clearing can be done with any tool you want to use with as long as you have intention behind it.

Don’t make it complicated. But, do it as often as you can.

Medical and healing spaces that aren’t energetically cleared regularly tend to feel stagnant, stuffy, heavy and tired.

Just like your bedroom does after you’ve been sick in it for several days.

Your work is SO dang important and space clearing YOUR way is an essential ingredient to building and sustaining a successful patient-centered practice.

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