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Dear Peeps,

List member, client and my friend [Lilah] recently wrote me this email about the new design of her wellness space:

“I find myself making excuses just to go down there and hang out, and I’m getting a lot of my ideal clients right now…. So grateful for your help.”

Today I want to talk about how important the design of your health setting is to your quality of life.

In my daily emails I talk a lot about how your patient-centered wellness space or healthcare practice will do wonders to improve your client and patient retention rates and how referral business will flow… and flow… and flow.

And it most certainly does.

Your newly designed space also makes you feel like you’ve just walked into a hug.

A hug that whispers in your ear, “Look at those exquisite images of sunrises across the world hung throughout the walls of your clinic. Doesn’t that light feel good?”

A hug that instantly reminds you of how much you love that new wall color even in the smallest, windowless treatment room in your practice.

A hug that releases small doses of the feel-good-hormone oxytocin over and over again throughout your busy day just by being in your wellness space.

And a hug that reminds you just how important you are to your clients and patients.

Get the help you need to start redesigning your wellness space today:


Because you deserve it.