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Sometimes a picture can speak a thousand words.

And… no matter how much you try to think about how your wellness or healthcare or beauty business space will look and feel after you’ve painted it and redesigned it a bit, a picture is oftentimes an easier way to step into this new you. (Thank you Pinterest 😻)

Today, I’m going to share (with permission) a before and after picture of my client’s business space at Alamo Heights Wellness in San Antonio, Texas.

I helped Patrica Lew, L.Ac and NAET practitioner redesign her office and transform her business into a relaxing and friendly space that has taken her business to the next level.

Here’s what the office looked like before our work together:


And here’s what the same office looked like after our work together:


Pretty epic difference, right?

The office went from feeling cluttered, disorganized and average to professional, welcoming, relaxing and a memorable place her patients now LOVE visiting.

Apart from receiving compliments regularly on the new design, here’s what Patricia said about how her business has improved:

“Since August (which was when we started initiating change in my office), my monthly gross revenue has increased by 43%.  I have also almost doubled my patient count from last year (this time last year).  I increased my patient count by 83%.” —-Patricia Lew L.Ac, Alamo Heights Wellness

I was thrilled to hear this from Patricia! This is why I do this work.

The benefits of designing a deeply comfortable and professional wellness space include:

✅ Working in a space you LOVE every day
✅ Improved relationships with clients and patients (You become the heroine in their story.)
✅ Improved relationships with your staff and team (They are simply happier at work and are proud to work there!)
✅ Higher income through increased retention and referral business. (40% average increase within the first six months.)
✅ Reduction of anxiety in patients and clients
✅ Heightened patient and client feeling of being well taken care of by you and your team
✅ You’ll often hear, “It feels soooo good in here.”
✅ Reduction in stress for patients, staff and practitioners
✅ Perceived perception of business improves with a comfortable and beautiful wellness space

Based on case studies I’ve done over the past 15 years of doing this work, I’ve seen healthcare and wellness business triple their income with higher patient retention and referral rates.

If you’ve been on the edge of redesigning your wellness space or are now feeling the springtime call for a new paint color, my healthcare design books can help guide you through the process.

Check those out here, including free sample chapters to get you jumpstarted on your project now 👉

And if you need some direct design help from me, I’m currently taking a few new virtual and in-person clients. (If that’s you, hit REPLY now and tell me about your project.)

Yours in sweet and soothing wellness spaces and badass businesses,