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Hi Peeps,

You know how when you’re struggling with a particular aspect of the design of your waiting room or treatment room, and then you hear something and suddenly you have that “aha” moment and your face lights up like this:


(I love sloths.)

Helping you find design solutions was the intention behind Season 1 of The Wellness Design Podcast with (moi!) Cheryl Janis and Rhea Mader.

Rhea and I recorded 64 episodes dedicated to answering the question, “How do I design a person-centered medical or healthcare office, wellness space or senior living center that can catapult my business into the next solar system of awesome?”

The WDP offers you 64 opportunities to listen to various design answers, tips, tools and guidelines to help you transform your healing environment into a compassionate badass that is swimming in the dough and helping to heal the world.

Rhea and I are now officially on a summer break. Season 2 has yet to be defined, but I promise to keep you posted about it here.

In the meantime, if you need an infusion of design inspiration specifically for your dentist office, veterinary clinic, beauty biz or medical space, start with Episode #1:

Are your waiting room chairs lined up like army cadets in front of a drill sergeant and how does that make your patients feel?

Tune in here:

With kisses and easy breezy, lemon squeezies,