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Old Person Smile

I recently came across some research on evidence-based design that blew me away.

Here’s the story:

In 1979, Harvard Professor, Ellen Langer, tried an experiment with a group of geriatric patients to prove a previous hypothesis that our environment can regenerate our cells and even trigger rejuvenation.

Here’s where it gets interesting…

She (and her wicked smart team) redesigned a residential home for a group of seniors to look like it did 20 years ago when the participants were 20 years younger.

As Rosalyn Dexter shares in her book, Design is a Mind-Field: Cell-Rejuvenating Architecture and Design, “The design of the space was set up to focus the participants’ thoughts and feelings on their younger years.”

Furniture, accessories, lighting and artwork of the late 1950’s were used to induce feelings of nostalgia among the senior residents.

Think time travel.

Clothing worn by staff, television shows watched and radio shows listened to during this time were also from the late 50’s.

So what happened?

One week later, (yes, just one week) the majority of the senior residents’ cognitive ability and IQ had improved.

Uh, huh.

And check this out.

Most had enhanced their motor skills (touchy, feely kind of stuff) and some didn’t need their walkers and canes anymore, AT ALL.

The conclusion?

When these patients were surrounded by and immersed in a “narrative of association to their youth, within a period of a week, their systems weren’t just regenerating with cells replenishing and normalizing, they were renewing.” (Rosalyn Dexter)

My big message to you today?

Your healthcare space can potentially have a HUGE impact on improved patient outcomes and quality of life issues for your patients.

When your healing environment is designed with evidence to support and nurture your patient’s experience while in your care, the results are phenomenal.

Here’s what a few of my clients have said about it:
“The biggest surprise (after working with Cheryl) was our business tripled in volume and in income. I have also received hand written notes from patients who share how much they love and appreciate the new look and feel of our natural health clinic.” —Dr. Athena Paradise
“My patients continue to share how the space feels more nurturing, beautiful and safe. They drop in deeper into a place of receiving and healing. Referrals are now up to 80% and I’m booked out a month.” —Indira Kuckreja, Orthopedic Manual Therapist
“Clients share that my community acupuncture clinic feels like they are coming to a spa and they get to experience a mini-retreat in their chaotic day. Others are pleasantly surprised and visibly put at ease after walking through the door. Now, 50% of my clients are referred by existing clients, while 85% of my clients are repeat clients.” —Heather Bergstrom, LAc

There are six critical transition points in the life of your healthcare practice, clinic, or facility where a new design will produce outsized results. Read this to learn more.

Yours In Health,