Dr. Sulis came to me a second time when her veterinary practice outgrew her current space on the first floor of an industrial building in Portland. Goals for the upstairs expansion included intelligent space planning, furniture selection, color and Feng Shui for her new physician’s office, staff kitchen/lounge and administration office.


As a leader in her industry, it was vital the design of Dr. Sulis’s new upstairs office reflect female empowerment and compassion. And that it did. Soothing lavender walls representing the higher chakras–symbolic of her leadership qualities–added a calming element to her very busy days. The desk placed in the power position–diagonal to the door and in full view of the room–symbolically says, “I’m open to the world and the world is open to me.”

… A beautiful, comfortable, healing space

Working with Cheryl was a breath of fresh air. During the difficult and very busy time of completing our veterinary clinic, Cheryl was there to offer help in new wall color selection, furniture and accessory choices and space planning. She was a grounding element that helped me look deeper at what we were creating. She didn’t tell me the latest fads. Instead she listened to me and understood my vision and helped me create what I really wanted – a beautiful, comfortable healing space for pets and their families.

Kristin Sulis DVM

Doctor of Veterinary Medicine | Owner of Mt. Tabor Veterinary Care

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