The day I walked into this industrial space I didn’t know the building had seen seven businesses come and go over a two-year period. What I did see was a dingy, dirty and dark space that needed truckloads of love and Cinderella’s Godmother to turn it into the successful business my clients were hoping for. That didn’t frighten me a bit. In fact, in my experience, the more challenging the space, the bigger the results. What the building did have going for it was two strong, smart women with a purpose and the commitment required to see their business manifest into a powerhouse of prosperity.


It turned out that Cinderella’s Godmother did show up in the form of a collective group of people (including me) who designed and executed the plans for this wellness space from the ground up. I chose a blissful turquoise new wall color (and a golden color for the ceiling) to help revive the old space.

Feng Shui design and space planning according to Feng Shui principles played a big role as the money zone was literally in the toilet of the facility. With my design help, that room and the business itself was transformed into a grand gesture of luxury for everyone to enjoy.

Cut to 2017: It’s been 3.5 years since The Vital Compass Acupuncture Clinic and Chinese Herb Pharmacy first opened its doors to the public and the business is thriving.

… We have a thriving business, and people comment daily on how beautiful the space is

Hiring Cheryl was some of the best money ever spent. I know our business would not have taken off nearly as quickly without the design element she helped us put in place. Everything about the space makes you want to be there, and it’s great for business.

Alison Loercher, LAc

Acupuncturist and Co-founder | The Vital Compass

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