The first day I met with my client in what would become his new (and flourishing) second floor yoga studio business, he shared that not once had he ever taken a yoga class.

“Really, not once?” I asked.

“Nope,” he replied somewhat sheepishly.

“Then why do it?” I probed.

He went on at length about his vision of creating a community, the desire to give back to one of his favorite animal charities and finally, the yoga industry still saw growth in Portland, Oregon.

As a yoga student myself, I came into the project with an understanding of the space requirements, aesthetics  and psychology needed to attract a clientele that would make this new business thrive.


I often say intelligent paint colors can create magic in a wellness space. And magic it was during the design process of Yoga Omazing. I dove right in to the heart of the yoga experience as perceived by the student and came up with a new design and color palette for this build-out that made both students and teachers alike want to hang out in the space for extended periods of time. When your clients love being in your studio space even after it’s time to leave, you know you’ve got the makings of a very profitable business.

… Visitors say they have a hard time leaving

In a very non self-promoting way, Cheryl told me color was one of her gifts. If I base all the compliments I’ve had on our colors here in the studio, I have no doubt about that. Cheryl’s work has resulted in visitors saying they have a hard time leaving the studio because it has such a warm, nurturing feel. And I have the pleasure of working in this space every day.

Michael Roteik

Owner | Yoga Omazing

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