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When Dr. Ripley came to me she was close to reaching burnout.

Her non-stop weekdays were filled with seeing patients and completing insurance paperwork with very little down time to rest.

The oversized windows of her office with views into the parking lot were covered in ugly white metal horizontal shades, known to amplify those feelings of a sterile medical environment.

Goals for the space included creating a peaceful and calming environment for both patients and doctor to relax in.


One of the most important aspects in the design of a healing environment is that it is feels restorative, grounding and hopeful.

My favorite chocolate paint color (Clay 06 by Colorhouse Paint Company) replaced an irritable yellow on the walls, new floor and table lighting replaced an overhead fluorescent light and an oversized double drapery window treatment with soft draperies replaced an outdated and ugly window treatment.

A professional and comfortable sofa was added across from the doctor’s desk to enhance patient feelings of safety and comfort.

New space planning created separate areas for an exam table, and an area for private patient/doctor conversations.

Here’s a quick peak at how the space turned out:

hAnd rere’s what Dr. Ripley said about the new design:

“After Cheryl redesigned my large office and treatment room, my patients felt more relaxed while discussing their health conditions. I also noticed an increase in patient trust and higher receptivity in recommended treatment plans.

I went from feeling completely overwhelmed and overworked in my space to feeling much calmer and more balanced.

Dr. Carmen Ripley, Portland Natural Health

My big message to you today?

Never underestimate the power of designing a medical, healthcare or wellness environment to help improve the quality of your life and those around you.

If you’re feeling overwhelmed at work and are ready to take back your life now, get started here:

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