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Dear Healthcare Professional,

Thank you for your interest in Cheryl Janis Designs. As of 2019, Cheryl has restructured her business and design services are not available at this time.

Cheryl wrote some awesome DIY healthcare design books which are available for purchase here:

And, if you are itching to listen to a few amazing podcasts that dive into the subject of healthcare interior design, here are two that Cheryl hosts:

#1. Healthcare Interior Design 2.0

This podcast explores the changing face of healthcare design through intimate conversations with leading creatives in the field. Host Cheryl Janis and her guests explore the heartwarming human stories of how design can provide hope and healing for patients and their families, growing hospitality-influenced design trends, consumer desires, new support care models, the latest technology and the big ideas that are changing the way hospitals, senior living facilities and healthcare environments are designed.

#2. The Wellness Design Podcast – Season 1 of the daily podcast picks apart (almost) every facet of your healthcare and wellness and beauty business spaces and gives you step by step instructions on how to DIY the design yourself and is co-hosted by Rhea Mader and Cheryl Janis.

Season 2 is a weekly and monthly podcast with conversations between Cheryl Janis and big-hearted industry professionals, designers, artists, and creatives. Together they share design inspiration, resources, and tools for your patient-centered medical, dental, healthcare practice or beauty business.

If you do desire additional help with the design of your healthcare space or home, you can’t have Cheryl, but here is someone she highly recommends:

1. Domenica Sheets RDI (Resource Design Interiors) – Email: – Domenica is magic. If you need any furniture for your waiting room, exam or treatment rooms, office desks, etc. including reception desks, upholstered commercial furniture specifically for healthcare spaces, Domenica is your woman. Reach out to her by email here: or visit the website:

2. Rhea Mader:  Rhea is an empathetic, organic and very talented home and healthcare interior designer. You may remember Rhea from the Wellness Design Podcast. She was Cheryl’s co-host for the first season. She’s got amazing style and will help guide you to a new design from an empathetic perspective.

If you need to get in touch with Cheryl, please email her at: