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Did you catch Demi Moore a few days ago on the Tonight Show with Jimmy Fallon, talking about her two front teeth falling out due to stress?

She even shared a selfie with her front tooth missing. In case you didn’t see it, I’m showing that selfie above.

“My children love seeing me without my teeth because they think it makes me look more vulnerable and more human,” she joked to Jimmy.

That got me thinking about how powerful it is these days to be vulnerable. I mean the kind of vulnerable it takes to show a photo of your toothless mouth for the planet to see.

Vulnerability is a connector. It unifies us in powerful and deep ways.

It speaks volumes to the message, “You’re not alone. I get what you’re going through.”

And that is exactly why the patient-centered design of your workspace is so powerful in attracting and safeguarding your perfect patients.

When you shower your peeps with love by expressing humanity in your waiting room, you win them over for life.

Gone are the days when merely sterile and clean healthcare and wellness environments are acceptable in the minds and hearts of the people that pay out of pocket for your services.

As Dr. Esther Sternberg says in her book, Healing Spaces: The Science of Place and Well-Being:

“In healthcare practices today, what patients now crave is more attention to their states of mind and emotions, and to all those things in the environment that sustain them.”

Private healthcare practices (including holistic and integrative medicine) in the United States are growing.

35% of the US population or one hundred twelve million people use these forms of wellness care, outside health insurance.

Even the billion dollar beauty biz is changing. For example, millennials are so enamored with having a total experience inside their beauty biz besties, they are demanding it with their dollars.

If you’re ready to shapeshift your business into an experience your perfect patients and clients will reach deep into their pockets for, start with a Design Therapy session here:

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