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Many of us (especially me) know how crazy awesome it can be to work with a good (I mean great!) therapist.

This is especially true when we are in crisis or going through a transition we can’t seem to breakthrough on our own, even with the help of our love and/or our bffs.

Sometimes we humans need a badass expert (aka a kind and loving therapist) to help us heal the things within us that sometimes have been hanging around for way too long.

Speaking of therapy, yesterday I announced my new (and only) interior design service.

This design service is for passionate and purposeful doctors and wellness professionals who need a new design NOW and don’t have the time to wait for endless design revisions, a paralyzing number of choices, or the emotional angst of trying to imagine how each change will feel.

My design process is a two parter.

The first part is Design Therapy.

In a Design Therapy session, I uncover your genius.

The genius that draws patients and clients to you like a magnet and the genius that makes your work profound, powerful and purposeful.

What happens during your Design Therapy session will have you thinking about your health and wellness environment in radically new ways.

You’ll walk away knowing what design solutions are necessary to attract your perfect clients, build relationships (with patients and staff) that stick, and keep referral business flourishing.

If you’re ready to transform your wellness business into a nurturing, referral-generating powerhouse of prosperity and purpose, start with a Design Therapy session now:

I’m rooting for your rise,