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A couple of days ago I received this email from a former list member:

“I recommend that you avoid mentioning in positive terms players in the Deep State like Hillary Clinton in your emails. A large portion of the Country does’t approve of treason, Satanism, murder or these trafficking of children.”

I share this with you today to remind you of this:

You’re not going to make everyone happy by stepping into your truest, authentic self.

Some people, like my former list member, might not agree with your beautiful artwork, comfortable chairs and/or hospitality table in the waiting room, for example.

They may have strong opinions about the way you “should” decorate your space.

They may be filled with judgement.

And they may not be your perfect patient or client.

My big message to you today is this:

Even if you offend someone by expressing your personal style in your wellness space, I encourage you to do it anyway.

There is NO point in trying to make everyone happy, all the time.

There IS a point in expressing the mission of your compassionate work in the external environment.

You will attract your perfect clients and patients who enjoy and appreciate the experience of being in your healthcare space and receiving your care.

By designing a wellness setting with elements that help reduce pain and anxiety, and increase optimism and hope, you help heal the world.

And it’s great for your business.

Get started on creating a nurturing wellness space your peeps love here:

With Love and Authenticity,