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Something was very wrong with my vacuum cleaner yesterday morning when I turned it on.

It made a weird sound like a straw trying hard to suck lemonade from an empty glass.

Frustrated, I flipped off the switch and looked for a potential blockage, and… nothing. šŸ™

But… as soon as I got in deeper, I found it, hurrah! A huge wad of gunk, stuck deep in the bowels of the airways.


After I got it all out, IĀ felt this huge wave of release come over my body.

So satisfying.

After I finished vacuuming, I sat quietly in reflection.

From a Feng Shui perspective, I had cleared a blockage in the external environment [the vacuum cleaner] which is a reflection of my internal space or the inside of me.

Truthfully, I had been feeling kinda stuck lately.

I took a deep breath and let it all go.

That got me thinking as you know I like to do….

What’s going on in your wellness space, treatment room or medical office that needs to be cleared out and released?

What blocks are showing up in your businessĀ that might point to a imbalance in your environment or vice-versa?

Take a look around your space now and investigate.

If there’s something that’s been hanging around for WAY too long [like a dead plant, for example] but you just haven’t had the time to get rid of it, please send it to plant heaven now.

If those 15-year-old client files have been living in the cabinets for way too long, please move those along in the appropriate way.

And if your wellness space, office, treatment room or waiting room needs a facelift, start with a new paint color.

Get the help you need now:

With love and clean rugs,