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Hi Peeps!

Last week I met with a new client.

Dr. Jay [as I’ll call him here] is a 40-something successful doc with a bustling private practice in Marin County.

With 2017 just around the corner, and his business changing and growing, he intuitively knew to call me in for a visit to help redesign the clinic.

After touring the beautiful 2,000 square foot space, I sat down with Dr. Jay to talk about the unique needs of his practice.

And I very quickly saw a big problem.

This particular problem is a common one I see happen to many health practitioners and wellness business owners in the running of their businesses.

And you may already be familiar with it.

It’s called the Many Hats Syndrome (MHS) and it can suck the life and soul out you.

I like how business coach, Jessica Riverson describes MHS as…

“A business owner or solopreneur who is the bookkeeper, the accountant, the marketing and advertising department, sales manager, creator of products or provider of services, the social media strategist, web designer, the office admin lady (or man) and the PR person to boot!”

Apart from MHS leading to serious health problems related to stress [we’re only one human being right?] it can also lead to the stagnation of your business.

Here’s the thing:

You are the leader of your health or wellness biz and as the leader it is your role to plan, envision and act in the interest of creating a sustainable future for your wellness business and the peeps you serve.

And that alone is a full time job. That is your biggest job, period.

Each person on your team has a job to do and most MHS business owners are challenged to let go and let that team member totally and completely step into their role to help the business succeed.

99% of my clients who suffer from MHS have one thing in common; they all share the same the location of their office within the clinic, facility or building.

These solo docs, healthcare practitioners and wellness business owners locate their offices close to the reception area or front desk so they can easily feed their need to be in control and in-the-know of everything that is going on around them.

Makes sense right? Sit close to everything, be available to put out fires, help the business run smoothly, etc.?


Did you know that your staff is more productive and confident when your office is in the rear of the clinic, facility or space?

This way your team can receive your support without feeling micro-managed all the time.

This way your team can shine bright and grow into their unique gifts and talents.

This way you can lead.


1) The rear left and the rear right of the building are the Feng Shui power positions and is where the energy of leadership lives.

Think about CEO’s and other leaders in various successful industries. Their offices are almost always located in the rear.

2) When you sit in the rear, you can focus on your thoughts without being interrupted as frequently.

This is especially important if you are an introvert and need copious amounts of uninterrupted quiet time to write and work and lead.

3) Sitting in the rear of the space can save your life.

We all know how crazy the world is right now and how stress related illnesses are on the rise.

When you move your office to the rear [or as close to rear as you can get], you create more balance in your life.

Your mental and physical health improves.

Your relationship with yourself and others around you improves.

You find more time to do the things you love.

Your confidence increases and so does your business. 

Get the help you need to start creating a people-centered and profitable health business space now:

Happy Holidays!