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The first time I heard the phrase, “don’t be a square” was on the Ozzy and Harriet show when I was ten years old, sitting about three inches away from my grandma’s TV.

It was 1978.

Later on I learned it was common American slang popularized in the 50’s and 60’s to mean: Loosen up a bit, don’t be so conservative and old-fashioned.

Now in my work of designing custom healing spaces for private healthcare practitioners I am reminded of that term when I see too many squares in a space… and it makes me smile.

One of the key design elements in creating a healthy healing environment is (drum roll please)… shapes.

This means considering the various shapes of everything in your space like the room itself, the doors, the shape of your equipment, furniture, artwork and other design elements.

And I have to say, most of the time, there’s a high ratio of squares (rectilinear shapes) to circles (curved design elements.)

That’s mainly because we live and work in square boxes.

In Feng Shui Design, squares are masculine energy and curves are feminine energy.

When your space feels “too square” it can feel stagnant, not in-the-flow, out of date and a bit boring.

And when there are too many rounded design elements in your space (90% of the time, the shapes are too square) it can feel chaotic, ungrounded and overly anxious.

Another secret to creating a healthy healing environment?

When you balance the shapes in your space, you create that perfect blend of masculine and feminine energy, and the body relaxes.

It’s kind of like when you cook a meal and use just the right proportions, the flavor is perfect and each bite melts in your mouth.

Wanna try a quick experiment? Take five seconds right now to look around you.

Is the room you are in right now too square, too round or does it have a nice proportion of square to curved shapes?

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