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Green is one of my favorite colors.

The right shade has the power to soothe our pain, lower our blood pressure, and make us feel grounded, connected to the earth.

Green is also one of the trickiest colors to use in a wellness space.


If [for example] your shade of green is a bit too yellow, it can make you, your patients, clients and staff feel uneasy.

The green I’m talking about is a color I don’t ever want you to use in your wellness space.

On page 31 of The Color Cure book I lovingly refer to this shade of green as Vomit Green.

Take a peak at the above image.

A great example of using a variation of Vomit Green comes from Judy Becker, a well-known Hollywood set designer, who gives this explanation on why she chose the green-yellow color palette for the motel scene in the film Carol, starring Cate Blanchett:“Colors affects emotions. A yellow-green, like the one we used in the motel sequence in Carol, is a little disturbing.”

I haven’t seen the movie yet, but I have seen images of the motel scene and just thinking about it makes me feel uneasy in my body.

If you’re curious about what greens are best for your healthcare facility, treatment room, waiting room or wellness space, head on over here:

Yours in green,