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Hi Sweet Peeps,

Have you ever had one of those mornings at work where no matter how hard you try to focus on one task — oftentimes the most important one of the day — shit just keeps happening around you [like equipment failure or one or more of your team is sick at home and a few of your patients are late causing a cluster you-know-what in the waiting room] and you feel like some invisible force just keeps poking you in the arm, asking you to do everything else but that one thing you had your mind set on doing?

That was me yesterday morning at work.

I tried several times to sit down and write a chapter in my next book, The Treatment Room Cure when the water heater suddenly died after the electricity went out the day before and our geriatric dog Malcolm needed to go pee and poop like a dozen times and so on and so forth.

When things settled down a bit, I sank back into my chair in deep surrender and smiled.

I remembered what one of my Feng Shui teachers, Karen Abler Carrasco, had recently written in an article about the Chinese Year of The Rooster that began last Saturday…

“Suddenly, in the midst of all the new explorations and projects into which the curious, insatiable Yang Fire Monkey year of 2016 lured us, we find ourselves getting bogged down with the mechanics of daily life.

The forward momentum stutters and slows; our questing attention is corralled by the mundane. The people around us seem to press in on our sensations more keenly, their opinions feel more strident. Making and keeping appointments requires more effort.

Even just getting food and preparing it seems to take more time and be more worrisome.”

And yes, while that made a lot of good sense to my mind, my creative heart didn’t smile until I read this…

“Yet, we are also more touched by the small everyday kindnesses we witness, and there is a growing, unifying wave of togetherness.

If you pay closer attention this year, you will actually feel your tender heart expanding, growing more confident in making little overtures of love to everyone around you.”

Our tender hearts ARE expanding. We are witnessing kindness in every form come forth as it never has before.

You are a part of a healthcare revolution, where every day, your patients, clients, staff and even the UPS gal feels the love in your wellness space the moment they walk through your door.

As one of my clients shared after she had her cancer recovery wellness business painted a sublime pink and gray, “Even the UPS guy loves our new space. He can’t put his finger on it, but he always mentions how calming it feels in our pink space.”

If you want to make changes to your wellness, medical or healthcare space, I’ve made it easy.

Start with a new paint color that will transform your space into an oasis now:

And afterwards, go reward yourself with some luxurious dark chocolate.

You deserve it.

I heart you BIG,