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Many years ago, when I bought my second home in the charming neighborhood of Sellwood in Portland, Oregon, I selected a fabulous bright orange color for the exterior.

After the painters finished the project, I freaked out.

I had a mild panic attack and regretted my color choice.

​I lost sleep over how much it was going to cost me to fix what I considered a huge mistake.

And then after a day or two, something inside of me shifted…

I began to love the color.

Not just regular ol’ love, but BIG magical, exquisite love.

My friends and  neighbors loved the new color, too, and for the three years I lived there, driving up to that bright orange house gave my heart the biggest burst of joy.

My big message to you today?

If you freak out about a new paint color that just went up on your walls, it’s totally normal.

Wait a few days before taking any action to change the color.

Sometimes [but not always] it takes time to get used to a new color and how it makes the space feel.

When you become accustomed to how your wellness space feels even when that feeling is not-so-good, change can be hard.

And then, just like what happened to me and my exterior house color, you might suddenly find yourself hopelessly in love.

It’s like falling in love on the second date.

I took the pain out the process of selecting intelligent paint colors for your wellness space here: