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I don’t know about you but the Fall season is one of my favorite times to settle in with a nice cup of tea beside the wood burning stove and begin a new creative project. I’m so there.

So, guess what? I’m about to start writing my next book, The Treatment Room Cure – The healthcare design guide to transforming the treatment room in 13 easy steps. (It’s a working title, so please don’t hold me to the 13 steps, we’ll see, there could be more.)

What I do know about The Treatment Room Cure so far is this:

😀 Rich, juicy, detailed (and new) design illustrations of treatment and exam rooms, detailed to the nth degree. There will be several dozen if not a hundred. Badass!
💖 Treatment and exam room illustrations that really show you what NOT to do in clear concise ways. Avoiding mistakes that can cost you is SO important.
🤭 Brief videos included to give you the extra help you need to create a treatment or exam room that has your clients and patients wanting to hang out long after their appointment is finished.
💃🏻 Stories that help you learn easier and feel deeply connected to this idea of building a wildly compassionate, successful and heart-centered healthcare practice or wellness service based business.
🙏🏼 End of chapter action lists to make implementing these design ideas effortless and fun!
😍 A special offer included in the book that includes a design session with me (over video) to get my eyes on your design work!

Right now, I have a special favor to ask. I put together 7 quick questions that will help me write the book better. I want to know what challenges you are facing that I could help you solve with this book.

If you choose to help me and answer these questions, you will receive a free copy of the electronic version of the book (yes, there might be a hard copy of the book!) when it comes out in 2019!

Here’s the link to the quick questionnaire with 7 questions:

Thank you friend! You’ll find another email from me on Sunday morning with news about new healthcare design trends for 2019 and a good story.

Yours in heart,