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Dear Peeps,

I’m often asked if it is appropriate to use gray paint colors on the walls of your waiting room, exam and treatment rooms, bathrooms and other wellness offices.

And my answer is always a resounding, YES… with one caveat.

Choosing the best gray color for your walls can be tricky if you don’t know what you’re doing.

It’s like shooting an arrow into a dark room and hoping it lands on the bullseye.

And because grays have been used inappropriately in medical and healthcare facilities for many years, the color has earned itself a bad rap.

It is true that when you paint your walls gray and don’t balance it with the colors of the rainbow [with, for example, your artwork], the space can feel just as depressing as a dreary Seattle morning.

But, when you do balance out your beautiful gray walls with the colors orange, peach, pink, blue, green and/or yellow, something sexy happens.

Take a look:

The above image is a page out of my e-guide, “5 PERFECT GRAYS for your next paint project and how to use them in your wellness and healthcare space.”

On page 15, I show my design of a windowless room painted in one of my favorite grays, Pussywillow by Sherwin Williams paints.

In this doctor’s staff lounge, I made sure to add green, yellow, blue and lavender in the artwork and the furniture itself.

See how fun it can be to paint with gray?

And even though the room has no windows, the space feels alive and cozy in large part because of the color palette.

I wrote the 22 page e-guide 5-Perfect Grays to help you select the best gray colors for your wellness space and to teach you how to use them to create a patient-centered design everyone loves.

I’ve included the guide in my middle tier book package, The Complete Bundle here:

With love and my paint brush dipped in gray,