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During Michelle Obama’s last speech before leaving the White House for good, she said something that imprinted itself forever onto my heart…

 “Lead by example with hope and never with fear.” 

Hope is a big word that encompasses different things to different people.

Today I want to break down that word into small design bites you can use in your wellness space or healthcare facility.


#1- Nature Photography

You’ve heard me talk a lot about Evidence-Based Art before because I’ve seen its power to transform an ordinary wellness space into an extraordinary one.

By displaying medium and large images of nature photography on the walls of your waiting room, exam and treatment rooms, you create an immersive experience for your patients and clients.

Your peeps lay their eyes upon your artwork and are instantly transported to a calming and hopeful world either by a beautiful lake, onto a bench next to an old oak tree or to the beach looking out onto the blue sea.

#2 – Lifestyle Art

Hang large lifestyle images on the walls or your clinic, facility or treatment room according to the demographic of your clients and patients.

For example, if you serve the geriatric population, then hang posters or photographs of happy seniors walking in the park, hanging out with grandchildren or eating together with friends.

These uplifting scenes instill hope in the hearts of your patients who are shown what their life can be like when they are feeling better.

Or if, for example, you service the maternity community, you can display large images of beautiful pregnant women at various stages of pregnancy.

This instantly tells the story of hope and happy births.

The key is to match your lifestyle art to the hope and desires of the demographic you serve.

And if you serve a variety of genders, people of color, and age groups, then create a mix that will appeal to all.

Make sure the people depicted in your art are smiling.

Smiling is contagious and science tells us that seeing other people smiling releases the feel good hormone, oxytocin.

#3 – Paint the walls of your wellness space a happy and nurturing color.

Green lowers blood pressure and connects us to nature.

Blue is calming and restful and invites both physical and mental relaxation.

Painting your walls a soothing color is the foundation for creating a nurturing and safe space everyone loves.

Get the design support you need here:

And remember to lead by example with hope and not fear.