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Last week, when I was a guest on Howard Farran’s wildly popular “Dentistry Uncensored”¬†Howard told me a story about the front desk team at his dental office.

Years ago, Howard noticed that the two young women who managed the front desk area were often hungry…. and cranky.

He decided to try and fix the problem by leaving a large bowl of fruit for his team to eat (along with other organic and nutritious food goodies.)

Everyday, first thing in the morning, he refilled the bowl and every evening when he left, he noticed it was empty.

Since that first day, Howard began to notice his team was less cranky and happier at work.

What does this have to do with you and your team?

Kind of a lot.

When you take care of your team by nurturing them with a person-centered design, you create higher job satisfaction which translates into big money and time savings for you when you don’t have to worry about constant turnover and retraining new team members.

When you offer your team a nurturing environment with soft lighting, indoor plants that feel luxurious and therapeutic, and immersive nature art that gives your work family a moment of respite during their crazy busy days, you are building a sustainable and profitable business.

And when you offer your team a workspace they look forward to coming to every day, you’ll rarely have to place a new ad on Craigslist looking for a new front desk person you have to train all over again.

Caring translates to big savings in dollar and cents.

And when a new spot does open up for a new team member, you will have access to the cream of the crop, those people who believe in the mission of your work and will feel proud to work there.

Are you ready to create a person-centered design in your wellness space?

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You got this.