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Above image – Dr. Adam Diesburg, DDS, McMinnville, Oregon in his dental office.

On the last episode of Season 1 of The Wellness Design Podcast, Rhea and I dive into the subject of how the story of your space–when told authentically and with a nurturing, healing design theme in mind–helps you and your team become the superstar(s) of your field.

That means, for example, even though your dentist office or wellness spa is one in a gazillion in your city, YOU and your business stand out from the crowd and become a badass referral magnet just by embracing your authentic self.

You and your business become the answer to the question a friend frequently asks another friend, “Do you have a good referral for (fill in the blank here with your profession)?”

So what’s the story of your space?

Or better said, what do the walls of your waiting room tell about you and the experience your first time visitor is about to have?

Do they say, “Buy this product off of this poster that I have haphazardly hung on the walls here?”

Or do the walls say, “Come in, relax and let me transport you to the gentle elephants in Africa where I made this photograph?”

How to begin to tell the story in the design of your waiting room

Do this:

Pick your favorite hobby. Choose something you absolute love, like bird watching, salsa dancing, walking on the beach, biking in the Himalayas or something else that lights you up like nothing else.

Here’s a great example of a dentist client of mine who tells an excellent story in the waiting room of his office that helps him effectively stand out from the crowd.

Dr. Adam Diesburg’s office is located in McMinnville, Oregon and every year McMinnville is host to the popular UFO Festival.

Dr. Diesburg is also an artist and this year for the festival he bought some old paintings at Goodwill and painted images of aliens in each piece and hung them on the walls of his waiting room.

Here’s a quick peak of Dr. Diesburg in his waiting room surrounded by his artwork during the festival:

He shared this on social media and included his patients in the story who apart from coming in for their teeth cleaning, get to check out what’s new in Dr. Diesburg’s waiting room.

When you step into your greatness and shine like the light you are, you become the lighthouse.

And like Anne Lamott says, “Lighthouses don’t go running all over an island looking for boats to save; they just stand there shining.”

Get started on becoming a lighthouse here:

A big xo,