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Dear Ones,

Have you seen Beyoncé’s latest photo shoot where she channeled the African deity Oshun–the Goddess of Fertility and Love?

The singer is preggers with twins and chose to announce her news via her otherworldly maternity photoshoot created by Ethiopian conceptual artist Awol Erizku.

I think this one photoshoot has gifted the world with a rich healing balm to help sooth the current ravages of masculine energy trying to dominate.

Feminine energy has a way of helping us to heal. Woman in her various expressions represents the traits of nurturing, care and compassion, flexibility, support, wisdom and unconditional love.

My big wellness design tip for you today?

When you include the aspects of the feminine in the design of your healthcare or wellness space, you, your team and your patients and clients will feel her influence.

Some of my clients shun any representation of the Goddess or feminine energy in the design of their healthcare practice for fear of being labelled too “woo woo” and turning off their clientele.

Other clients of mine proudly display at least one statue of a female Goddess in their waiting room or treatment room like Quan Yin–the Chinese Goddess of Compassion.

There are other design ideas in which you can include the feminine, nurturing energy of the Goddess or healing Mother energy aside from statues in the design of your practice or wellness business.

Here are a few:

1) Make sure to balance your square and rectilinear shapes of the room [masculine energy] with curved ones [feminine energy] with things like your side and end, tables, lighting, pillows, furniture and artwork in your space.

2) If you service mostly women, show women depicted in the artwork in your waiting room, hallways, bathrooms and treatment rooms. For example, some artwork might depict women in a group setting [symbolizing community, support and sisterhood].

3) Flowers, plants and trees are another way to incorporate feminine energy into the design of your medical clinic, exam rooms and bathrooms. You can do this in your artwork or by buying healthy and air purifying indoor plants and/or flowers, and displaying them throughout your entire space.

So tell me, which of the above three wellness design tips appeals to you the most and why?

If you’ve been feeling overwhelmed lately and can’t seem to decide where to start first in the redesign of your healthcare or wellness space, start here:

Love from the Goddess Within,