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Dear Ones,

Right now I’m listening to the book, “You Are A Badass at Making Money” by Jan Sincero and it’s totally rocking my world.

Not because the author is saying something new about our relationship with money and how to heal it, it’s the WAY she is saying it–authentic and real–like spilling-your-guts kind of real.

In the book, she shares all parts of her personal journey–the good, the bad and the ugly.

It’s different and entertaining. At times it’s audacious and bold and makes me laugh out loud a lot.

I’m learning tons and recommending the book like crazy.

In a world where books on money are a dime a dozen, Jan’s stands out from the crowd.


Because she taps into a style of writing that is unique to her personality and she owns it.

That got me thinking about the design of your wellness, medical or healthcare space.

When you stand in the middle of your waiting room, for example, does it say to you, “Yeah, this space is a perfect reflection of my personality, my power and my compassion in the world?”

Or does it say, “You are cookie-cutter copy of all the dentist offices, beauty biz spaces, natural medicine clinics, and so on, out there?”

When you are BADASS in the design of your wellness space, you take a risk by expressing who you, your team and the work you do in the world are.

You stand out from the crowd because your badassery stands on its own.

Hit REPLY right now and answer this question, “So tell me, what in your space is uniquely you?”

Is it the salt lamp on your desk, your tabletop water fountain with special rocks with words on them or something else that is a perfect reflection of the peace and healing your work conveys to the world?

I can’t wait to read your answers.

With love from your BADASS interior designer,