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Hi Peeps,

There’s been all kinds of talk in the world of health and wellness design about bringing that “home vibe” to your waiting room, treatment and exam rooms and offices.

And it’s a trend that ain’t stopping anytime soon. Have you noticed?

So what does “bringing that home vibe” to your ____________ 👈 (insert your space here) mean exactly?

Let’s start with an illustration (a new design I recently created) of a waiting room in a wellness business. This could be a dental office waiting room, an acupuncturist’s clinic, a medical office, a therapist space, a spa reception, etc., etc.

All the design elements (aka, furniture, artwork, rug, paint colors, side tables, plants, lamps, etc.) are similar to what you would find in someone’s home… right?

Except with a professional edge.

For example, the fabrics you select for your chairs and sofas are for commercial spaces, easy to clean, long lasting etc.

And the cushions are just as comfortable as the ones you might find at home with a bit more support for your patients’ back or body pain.

The good news (awesome news, actually) is that more affordable contemporary furniture stores like West Elm and Pottery Barn are now offering performance upholstery fabrics that are soft to the touch.

That means you can easily take advantage of shopping online at these stores (they are always having sales, right?) to create that perfect home vibe in your waiting room or reception area.

Throw in some round side tables (an easy way to get curves in your space to balance out all those square and rectilinear edges which the brain loves), some beautiful nature artwork–check out Peter Blanchard’s ahMAZING nature prints specifically for healthcare spaces here 👉 Mention you saw Peter’s name here and he will offer you 10% off any of his prints.

So the next time you are thinking about the redesign of your waiting room, office or treatment room, think outside of the box–think about creating a home vibe.

And please, people, don’t forget your floor and table lamps. These help create an instant cozy vibe in your waiting room. If you have overhead fluorescent ceiling lights, try turning those off. Your peeps will totally appreciate this.

Those fluorescent lights cause a bunch of bad stuff in the body, like headaches and increased grouchiness. There’s a ton of science that backs this up.

And finally, remember this one thing. When your patients and clients walk into your wellness space and are reminded of being at home, the brain feels safe. The stress hormone cortisol is reduced and your guests can sink into what you offer–your space and your treatments. It’s a win win for everyone, including your business.

I’m almost finished writing my latest book, an update to The Color Cure called The Color Cure 2.0 – How to transform your healthcare space, office or treatment room into an oasis by choosing the perfect paint.

Here’s what the new book and upgraded (and more expensive) complete bundle will come with:

✅ Over 2 dozen new paint colors to choose from that are based on emerging health design trends for 2018/19 combined with my fifteen years of health and wellness design experience including case studies of what color palettes nurture and calm the mind, body and spirit.

✅ A new e-guide to help you select the best wall colors based on your existing carpet or flooring tones.

✅ An updated version of The 5 Best Gray Paint Colors and how to use them in your wellness, beauty or healthcare environment.

✅ A brand new 18 Wellness Room Color Palettes e-book with illustrations in rooms.

✅ A color troubleshooting guide that answers the most common questions about the paints I recommend, their finishes and other problem solving color issues.

✅ An updated version of The Color Cure Cheat Sheet that you can print out and take with you to the paint store for easy access.

For those of you who have purchased any version of The Color Cure book, you will receive an automatic upgrade in your in-box when it’s ready.

And for those of you who have not purchased The Color Cure book, I will be offering a special price here for a limited time.

And in the meantime, if you need additional support on the design of your wellness space, check out my book, The Waiting Room Cure:

Yours in yummy feel-good wellness spaces that turns your first time visitors into your clients and patients for life.