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We all shop at big box stores sometimes, but do you ever notice how most of the art or decor items on the shelves seem to lack a “soul” and feel kind of lifeless?

If you’re like me, you get how hand-made creations found in local boutique stores, on Etsy (or made by you, friends or family) draw you to them because of the care and love infused into each piece.

And when you decorate your practice or wellness business with (even a few) organic elements made with love and care, you humanize the environment and support some really cool people in the process.

For example, one of my dentist clients shared his love of the Japanese art of Bonsai trees with his patients by placing a few in his waiting room area. (See photo below.)


This not only added beauty and integrated nature into the space (a healing component), it also became a conversation piece and a way to connect and humanize the doctor/patient relationship.

The staff loves them, too!

My big message to you today:  Consider adding design elements to your practice that connect your love of something to your healing space.

To get started, ask yourself, “What hobby do I love?”

Maybe you are a history nerd, a plant enthusiast, an art collector, a ceramic designer, a bird watcher, or a safari junkie.

Whatever it is, by sharing it with your work family in the environment of your practice, you help build trust and create a more positive, memorable experience for everyone.