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How do you know when your work space, aka your medical or healthcare office or wellness business environment is sick?

Well, you would first look at the symptoms of the illness in the same way you might first treat a patient who is sick.

Here are 8 common symptoms of a sick healing space:

#1: Frequent cancellation of appointments or no-shows
#2: There’s an area in the waiting room,¬†exam or treatment room that patients, doctors and/or practitioners tend to avoid
#3: Lack of patient follow-through on your recommended treatment plans
#4: Patients and clients don’t really come back, like every again, unless they absolutely must
#5: Not a lot of referral business happening
#6: Your space feels sad, tired, or outdated
#7: You’re not getting the respect you deserve and you wonder what’s up with that
#8: Your staff is not getting along well or you have high staff turnover

These are simply eight of dozens of symptoms you can point to that tell you without a shadow of a doubt that your space (and your business) is not feeling-so-hot and needs some design healing pronto.

You know that gut feeling you have inside telling you it’s time to paint the waiting room a new color or update style which feels too dorm-room or Ikea-esque?

Listen to that feeling.

And get the help you need to turn your environment into a compassionate, patient-attracting, referral-generating dynamo now.

Start with Design Therapy:

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