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Feeling safe these days when going to a dentist, medical, healthcare or even a beauty appointment can feel scary to so many of us who are overworked and overstressed, and freaking about things like politics and violence in the world. #feelingvulnerable

And I totally get how you may be feeling some major burnout right now, especially if you’re not able to take time off necessary to rest and restore because you have to pay the bills.

And finally, it’s the holiday season. Statistics tell us that things like anxiety, depression and feeling alone are big this time of year. Yeah, duh.

So then, what’s a healthcare business owner, like you, supposed to do to help everyone take a deep breath, calm down and feel safe while in your office?

Here’s a design secret you may not know: Familiarity decreases the stress response.

Let me explain this.

When you set up your waiting room like a living room, dining room, kid’s or pet’s play room (depending on who your clients are), you instantly create a familiarity response in the brain of your patients who walk through your door and are like, “Yeah, I’m home. I feel safe. I love my doctor!”

And yeah, this happens super fast, before they check in to their appointment at the front desk. 🕺🏻💃🏽

Here’s another example:

When you hang images on the walls of your waiting room that depict your city, town or local landmark, your peeps feel instantly at home. The brain says, “I recognize that place. I am safe. I am with my community.”

Amplify this familiarity response (aka decrease anxiety big time) by hanging images on the walls of your waiting room that show people of the same color, gender, age and race as your patient demographics in familiar scenes of your city, town or nearby nature setting, and BAM, you’ve just created a feeling in your space similar to organic butter and jam over a warm piece of your favorite toast.

And, yeah, this all happens so fast, regardless of how much or little time your peeps spend in your waiting room. This instantly brain calm also applies to your exam and treatment rooms.

If you need help getting started on putting a new face on your waiting room so that you, your staff, patients and clients start to love and adore you and your work in ways you never thought possible, you may like my Christmas sale that is happening right now through December 31st.

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🥂 Cheers to growing your business compassionately one design improvement at a time!

Why? Because you are worth it.

XO 😘