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One of the first things I noticed after walking into my clients’ boutique holistic healthcare practice — 1 Acupuncturist and 1 Cranial Sacral Therapist — was the Feng Shui position of their treatment rooms.

The Acupuncturist (who I will call Beth) and the Cranial Sacral Therapist (who I will call Joy) each occupied the rear treatment rooms, one in the rear left and the other in the rear right of the entire practice.

These rear spaces, in non-traditional Feng Shui design, and according to the Bagua map are located in the Prosperity & Wealth Area and the Love & Relationship Area. (See above image.)

And, as I always find, both personalities of these practitioners fit perfectly with each room. Beth tended more toward the mind perspective (Prosperity & Wealth) and Joy tended more toward the Spiritual Mother energy as reflected in her treatment room (Love & Relationships).

“What is the Bagua Map,” you ask?

Here’s the easy explanation:

The Bagua Map is an energetic map derived from the mystical book, the I Ching. It is a map that is divided into 9 different areas of your life and in this case, your business space.

You orient the map according to the position of the front door of the entire practice and again according to the door to your treatment room. (Please see The Bagua Map in the above image for more details.)

As it happens, both your Wealth Area and your Relationship Area are, in non-traditional Feng Shui, considered the Power Positions, where oftentimes, you will find the office of the CEO or owner of a large successful company placed. It is in the rear of the space the leader of the company can be left to lead the business, undisturbed by her staff who is running the daily tasks in the middle and front of the space.

The Wealth Area has a more masculine-centric energy and the Love & Relationship area, more feminine. The Wealth area is the wood and air elements, both more mind-centric, while the Love & Relationship area is the element of earth, our beloved planet, Mother earth to be more specific.

What I always find interesting and somewhat surprising is that the energy of these spaces attracts people (or vice-versa) who fit the qualities of these elements, almost every time. And when they don’t, the practice is usually out of alignment, not flowing well and has to be addressed in order to move forward in a positive way.

Now, whether you are a single room practitioner or you own the entire practice, take the above Bagua Map and map out the different areas of your specific treatment room. It doesn’t have to be perfect. In other words, you don’t need to get out your measuring tape and define each specific area to the inch. Just walk around the space and get a feel for where your Wealth area is, for example, and where your Love and Relationship area is.

Then look and see what’s there. I mean…. really look. For example, “What’s in your Love corner?” and what does it say about your relationship with your patients or clients. “Is there a trash can there?”  Or maybe your treatment table is located in that position, which might be a good thing, depending on the rest of the layout.

For now, I invite you to simply look at what’s there and get a bit more familiar with the different areas of the Bagua map.

If it’s a bit confusing, no worries. Hop on over to my Facebook page. It’s a collective sharing space where practitioners ask questions and where my answers are posted.


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